Laura Mercier foundation primer in hydrating Review

Today I want to talk about this primer I got a few months ago. I had plenty of time to test it and I think there is 1/4 left now.
My anticipation was quite high since this primer is very expensive (for me at least) as a primer. At the price of 38 EURO (52 USD) you just expect something great.

What they say about this primer on lauramercier.com:

Nourishes skin with a moisture-rich vitamin formula to soothe and refresh, while conditioning the skin. Meant to be used prior to foundation, creating an invisible layer that acts as a buffer to outside elements. Leaves makeup looking fresh & colour-true the entire day.

  • Specifically created for dehydrated and/or aging skin
  • Nourishes the skin with a moisture-rich vitamin formula to soothe and refresh while conditioning the skin
  • Holds water in the skin throughout the day, preventing it from evaporating
  • Vitamins A, C and E act as antioxidants and protect the skin from harmful, aging effects of the environment
  • Use alone without foundation to increase skin's brightness, luster and texture
  • Cooling Foundation Primer - Hydrating in the refrigerator is refreshing for the skin & reduces puffiness
  • Non-comedogenic

I had 2 expectations:

- hydrating/refreshing my skin and creating a layer to protect my skin from daily make-up

- let make-up stay all day

This primer fulfilles my first expectation. Make-up goes on smoothly after applying this primer on my whole face. The formula is very light so that was a good point as well. Also it gives your face a little glow, which might be good for more aged skin.

After some time of using this primer I couldn't stop the thought in my mind coming up again and again that I could use a much cheaper/better moisturizer as a primer as well, since the effect was the same.

Does make-up actually stay on my face better with this primer?

If I'm positive then I would say maybe a little bit better. I can't say for sure because the difference was too small to notice clearly.

My resolution is that this primer is just not good enough for me to rebuy it. It is too expensive for the result it is giving. A key function for a primer for me is to let make up stay all day or for a long time through the day, which this primer does not do.
I think next time I would like to try a green based primer to fight the redness on my face that comes from time to time.
Which one is your favourite primer? Do you use any?


My Hollister obsession

Sorry, I haven't been updating lately. There are some big changes in my life and I'm still adjusting to them. Sometimes I feel like I'm jumping from one challenge to the another. Not bad changes though. In fact I'm so much on improving my life... I need to remind myself of this more often.

About the Hollister thing...
I have been a little obsessive over Hollister lately.
It's sort of embarrasing since this brand targets a more younger audience. For example this half naked boy on their bag and all these pretty teenage sales people... I'm so not like them. Well, I'm still liking their shops. Because it's so much better, newer and much more exciting as those normal shops here in Germany. Another reason is, that somehow Hollister reminds me so much of holiday (in 1,5 week I'll be on holiday yaaay). Though their products are pretty overpriced and not in a very good quality (though they have very soft and cute sweaters), I highly suggest you to visit one of their shops if you have the chance.



Hi, I'm Johnny!

I want to update my blog quickly, since I'm excited about this little guy!

He was one point on my "To do"-List for 2013 (check!) and I can't believe I just realized one of my little dreams (I guess I was a little bit whiny...).

I'm a cat mummy since 31th May... namely of Johnny. His fullname is "Jonny of the golden morning star" (roughly translated from the German by me). And he's a little British Shorthair in the colour black silver classic tabby. I got him when he was 13 weeks old. I added a "h" into his name, since my boyfriend thinks it looks better this way...

Actually he's a little cute monster. A little rambo... really. Always on his tiny paws. Jumping, playing, hunting and climbing. Always so full of energy and always up to some mischief. A real little baby boy cat.

What I have observed until now:

* he likes to climb
* he likes to sit on my laptop
* he likes to cuddle (when he's not up to some mischief)
* he can just play with everything...
* it's very difficult to take pictures of him properly since he's always on his paws moving
* he likes dry food more than canned food
* he can go to the cat toilet perfectly
* he likes to purr loudly
* he meows so gently... you can miss it easily when you don't pay attention
* he's a clumsy guy
* he likes to sit on my shoulders...
* he has to learn a lot
* he likes to lick and bite my cloths...

I'll update with more pictures soon. I hope you like him and will be liking him as much as I do in the future!

P.S. for those of you who worry about the well-being of Johnny... he's not alone since his companion is Miezi (another cat in this household)!


H&M The New Icons Collection and a new black biker jacket

H&M's The New Icons Collection caught my eye immediately since I love Liu Wen. Honestly... a chinese model for H&M *yay* She's modeling for Esprit atm too.
I love the style for The New Icons Collection.

Copyright by H&M

Especially Liu Wen's outfit. I love everything about it!

Copyright by H&M

So I went to H&M to check these out. I didn't find any of the items beside the bag for ca. 80 €.  But I found a similar biker jacket. I love it and it was quite comfortable. For 40 € I took it with me. I'm not willing to pay much for a jacket when I don't know if I will wear it next year too. So this was a good choice.

Lately I have found my love for smoothies. There are plenty of shops selling these but I find them a bit expensive. For this little cup I paid 3,50 €. It's healthy - yes - but it's really expensive and not really worth the money. So I was thinking to buy a mixer instead and make my own smoothies. I'm sure there are plenty of recipes on the net.


benefit ULTRA SHINES lip gloss in #who are you wearing?

Happy Friday !

I went a little shopping in Douglas (which is a german drugstore line) and look what I found at 50% discount! Hmm I should get more of these... because this lip gloss is amazing!

benefit's ULTRA SHINES lip gloss in "who are you wearing?" ...a strange name O_O I still didn't get it (some of you understand it maybe?).

The packaging is pretty nice. A bit hypnotising.

You can still get it online at benefit's webstore. The little golden star is super cute <3

The colour is a gorgeous pink with rich sparkles. I always find that the application of lip glosses is much more easy than lipsticks. It's not sticky and the colour shows nicely. It has the same scent as other benefit lip glosses.

Here is a swatch:

I think it's a nice pink lip gloss that can be used at work. Since I got it, I'm using it a lot at work too. It's subtle enough, but still gives my lips colour and a moisturized look.

Even though you want to look serious and competent at work, you still want to be young and fresh right? 

All in all a wonderful lip gloss ^^


Little gold earrings

I received these earrings when I graduated from high school (which is some years ago haha). I thought I lost them during a move, but finally found them safely wrapped in a tissue. Since I can only wear silver and gold earrings, I don't have a lot of different earrings. So I like to wear these to work too. I saw a lot of pics with little gold earrings some time ago on japanese blogs and I always loved them. I'm very happy that I found them.


ESCADA cherry in the air (limited edition)

Finally I have some time for blogging since it's a national holiday today. I also have holiday for the next 2 days, so I can relax a bit from work.

A thew days ago my boyfriend got me the Escada Cherry in the air perfume. I love ESCADA perfumes... especially their "Magnetism". For 3 years I was thinking to get it, but I was never really sure (instead I bought easily things that I'm not half interested in... how come?!). 

When the Cherry in the air came out I liked it in a easy way. I wanted it but I didn't want to waste the money too. So I was really happy when my boyfriend got me this. I'm using it every day so far.

The little bottle is absolutely gorgeous! The colour and the shape... just perfect in my eyes.

AND the little cherries on the back of the bottle. OMG! How sweet is that ?!

I think the packaging is very pretty too. Although I don't like the face of the girl. I like the colours and the theme. I also received a big pink ESCADA blanket with my purchase, which is a really nice plus.

For me the scent of "cherry in the air" is so very much irresistable and addictive. I think explaining a scent is a very difficult task. It must suit you in every bit who you are and who you want to be, to let it feel "just perfect for you". I'm very happy to say, that this scent is just perfect for me now.

Top Notes: black cherry, raspberry and mandarin
Heart Notes: gardenia petals, coconut orchid, vanilla and marshmallow
Base Notes: sandalwood, oak and musks


Chanel ROUGE COCO SHINE in #62 Monte-Carlo

One of my favourite lipsticks at the moment. Gorgeous colour and makes my lips look plump and soft. Even though it's expensive I think the investment was good.

The next chapter in the brilliant ROUGE COCO SHINE story: ROUGE COCO SHINE Hydrating Colour Lipshine, an innovative formula with intensified pigments to take colour and sheen to a new level of vibrancy. Sheer, shiny, colour-rich shades are effortlessly chic, infinitely wearable. Hydratendre Complex softens and plumps lips for a healthier, fuller appearance. (from the official Chanel website)

My experience:
Very shiny, light-weight and perfect for warm weather.

Sorry, I haven't been updating lately U_U Since I started my new job I kinda missing free time (or any time to do anything). But I'm adapting to it and will be back more often soon!


2013 Here we come!

Sooyoona tagged me with the "2013 Here we come !" tag. 

Normally I'm not doing tags, because I'm a lazy bee haha

But this one was quite nice since I could think about resolutions for the new year. I was thinking really hard but some numbers were just too much for me to think of something worthy to write down. I was even getting frustrated over this... until I thought "WTF I will just post the numbers where I can think of something worthwhile". 

12 months diet

I occasionally did a diet for a couple of months/weeks but never make it really. This year I want to be more focused. I want to do more training and care more about calories as well.

7 drawings

When I was young I was always drawing. It was my life. I don't want to lost this hobby. So I want to draw more again this year. I'll post something here too ^^
6 months working hard

I will begin a new job in february and I have to do well. I'm a bit worried since I will meet many new people and learn new things. I'm not sure how I should feel about this since I'm a shy person haha

5 days a week cooking healthy

Being mid-twenty I just care more about health suddenly. It's a change I think that come with age. Also I want Vik (my boyfriend) to eat more healthy too. So I'm determined to do well! 
 4 special gift

Since 2012 wasn't easy I think I couldn't have done well without the help of my family. So I thought when I earn money I want to gift them something special since they had been so patient and helpful to me.

3 weeks holiday

I want to visit Japan/Hawaii/South Korea so much. But I guess that will be in another year. But who knows haha

2 cats

I like cats so much. My very favourite type is the Brittish Shorthair. I feel most connected to these cats. I JUST LOVE THEM ! But it's hard to find a cat that you really feel connected. A cat just for you. You know what I mean?

1 car

Buying our first car. This is something Vik and me really need. Also it will be great to just make weekend trips with the car.


BTW. I received this wonderful card from Mono-chan. Thank you so much. It's beautiful ! 

I'll not tagging anyone since I don't like tags usually. But maybe you are feeling inspired. Then feel free to do this tag too :) 

Count down the number from 13 to 1 and think of something you want to accomplish in 2013!



Finally I'm falling for this mint colour too.

Mint Candy Apple by Essie.  

Such a beautiful mint colour. Especially suited for summer and vacation. But also very beautiful for every season!

Essies brushes are great and the application is easy. I'm not sure if it is the OPI Top Coat I'm using right now or the essie nail colour itself that makes the coat of the nailcolour drop off easily after 2 days or so. Still it's the best mint colour I can get easily in the shop.

This colour reminds me so much of Tiffany & Co. and vacation.
It's fun to wear.


Anmiel Mascara produced by Kumicky

Got the Mascara from the line Anmiel which is produced by Kumicky.

I like Kumicky. She has a really pretty face.

The packaging is super cute too. Pink + Black + Gold !

I think this is the cutest Mascara I ever bought.

The brush is quite normal. But it works great. 

Better than the Fiberwig Mascara I used before. 

I think it's the same story, but somehow this works better on me than the other. 

So definitely an improvement !