Hi, I'm Johnny!

I want to update my blog quickly, since I'm excited about this little guy!

He was one point on my "To do"-List for 2013 (check!) and I can't believe I just realized one of my little dreams (I guess I was a little bit whiny...).

I'm a cat mummy since 31th May... namely of Johnny. His fullname is "Jonny of the golden morning star" (roughly translated from the German by me). And he's a little British Shorthair in the colour black silver classic tabby. I got him when he was 13 weeks old. I added a "h" into his name, since my boyfriend thinks it looks better this way...

Actually he's a little cute monster. A little rambo... really. Always on his tiny paws. Jumping, playing, hunting and climbing. Always so full of energy and always up to some mischief. A real little baby boy cat.

What I have observed until now:

* he likes to climb
* he likes to sit on my laptop
* he likes to cuddle (when he's not up to some mischief)
* he can just play with everything...
* it's very difficult to take pictures of him properly since he's always on his paws moving
* he likes dry food more than canned food
* he can go to the cat toilet perfectly
* he likes to purr loudly
* he meows so gently... you can miss it easily when you don't pay attention
* he's a clumsy guy
* he likes to sit on my shoulders...
* he has to learn a lot
* he likes to lick and bite my cloths...

I'll update with more pictures soon. I hope you like him and will be liking him as much as I do in the future!

P.S. for those of you who worry about the well-being of Johnny... he's not alone since his companion is Miezi (another cat in this household)!