Hi, I'm Johnny!

I want to update my blog quickly, since I'm excited about this little guy!

He was one point on my "To do"-List for 2013 (check!) and I can't believe I just realized one of my little dreams (I guess I was a little bit whiny...).

I'm a cat mummy since 31th May... namely of Johnny. His fullname is "Jonny of the golden morning star" (roughly translated from the German by me). And he's a little British Shorthair in the colour black silver classic tabby. I got him when he was 13 weeks old. I added a "h" into his name, since my boyfriend thinks it looks better this way...

Actually he's a little cute monster. A little rambo... really. Always on his tiny paws. Jumping, playing, hunting and climbing. Always so full of energy and always up to some mischief. A real little baby boy cat.

What I have observed until now:

* he likes to climb
* he likes to sit on my laptop
* he likes to cuddle (when he's not up to some mischief)
* he can just play with everything...
* it's very difficult to take pictures of him properly since he's always on his paws moving
* he likes dry food more than canned food
* he can go to the cat toilet perfectly
* he likes to purr loudly
* he meows so gently... you can miss it easily when you don't pay attention
* he's a clumsy guy
* he likes to sit on my shoulders...
* he has to learn a lot
* he likes to lick and bite my cloths...

I'll update with more pictures soon. I hope you like him and will be liking him as much as I do in the future!

P.S. for those of you who worry about the well-being of Johnny... he's not alone since his companion is Miezi (another cat in this household)!


  1. Awwwwwww! Wie goldig! Ach du meine Güte der Kleine ist ja total schön. War er nicht extrem teuer? Die britischen Kurzhaarkatzen kosten doch total viel. Wünsche euch zwei viel Spaß, Katzen sind einfach die besten Tiere <3

  2. He is too cute! ;u;
    Oh my gosh, I hope you can take more photos of him! >u<

  3. What a cutie! I love him and his stripes already! What a long name he has!