NARUKO Narcissus Total Defense Eye Essence Cream and NARUKO Majoram and Lavender Brightening Serum REVIEW

So I told you I would do a review on my NARUKO items in a post in August.
So I had time till now to try them out and do a review based on experience^^

I got these two: NARUKO Narcissus Total Defense Eye Essence Cream and the NARUKO Marjoram and Lavender Brightening Serum!

If anyone is interested you can check out details of this brand.
But in short: NARUKO is a brand from Niu Er. He is the " Beauty King" of Taiwan and very famous in other asian countries too^^
(you can skip this part and scroll down to my pics XD) 

For those who want to take a look at the ingredience^^

So first of all: the packaging! 
Super nice as you can see you can fold the packaging itself to a basin.

This is how the packaging of the eyecream looks like after I folded it^^

This is Narcissus Total Defense Eye Essence Cream.
I love the packaging! Is so clean and I love the lavender colour very much.

Eyecream in the basin:

I really adore this eyecream coz it softens fine lines under my eye.
I could even see results very soon.
You just need a little bit of it, so it's very worth the money.
Also I think it was not that expensive for an eyecream.
That was one reason why I bought this too coz most eyecreams are very expensive.
I'm thinking of buying it ahead because sasa is having (again!) free shipping promotion.

The NARUKO Marjoram and Lavender Brightening Serum!
Such a nice packaging. I really really like it!! 

The bottle is of glass, so it is quite heavy for its size.
I like that because it feels like there is something good inside lol

I don't know if I like this wand thing... I would rather like tube style...
But I don't know exactly how to describe it... If you push the lid some of the essence will go into the wand.
And if you push it again you can put one drop of the essence on to your face.
I'm sorry for my bad English :-/

I folded the packaging of the Brightening Essence too.
It was fun :-)

The Brightening Serum is really magic! It is stated on their website as one of their star products. When I tested it I didn't use any other brightening products.
Nonetheless my face does really brighten a lot! I don't have any other products that have this brightening effect. But don't be afraid it does not turn you into a vampire XD
It makes my skin also very smooth and soft. I also love the smell! It smells a bit herbal... but only a bit. When I open it first I smelled a very nice smell. I can't figure out what, but it smelled so good lol

I hope you liked this review. 
If you have any questions concerning these, you can always leave me a comment^^

I always read all the comments and try to reply.

Thanks for stopping by <3


***Happy Moon Festival!***

Happy Moon Festival to you all^^

The Moon Festival also known as the Mid Autumn Festival or in Chinese Zhong qui jie is a very popular festival in China!


Recent Hauls ^-^~

Recently I got some packages I ordered awhile ago and want to share with you what I got ^^~

From sasa

I used their free shipping promotion to get some things I really wanted to try for long
The expedited shipping was really fast!


Essential Damage Care from Kao

Want to show you a hair cair product that I bought some months ago! It's a damage care leave in product from Essential. I think this is not as popular as their hair mask and shampoo.


Salzburg + Sushi + EOTD

Hey everyone^^,
how was everyones weekend? I got a bit ill, so stayed home most time~
But I had time to do another EOTD ^^

I really like this eye make because i have monolids and it is not that easy to get these big "look in my soul" eyes lol also it is super easy to do!

I failed totally at my eyebrows. I used the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation eyebrow colouring... but i don't like it much coz I have not figured out yet how to use it probably. It is not easy though...


I resurface... + Lunasol Lighting for Eyes in Soft

Jesus, I abandoned my blog for sooo long... I can't believe it!
I had a really stressy time with studying that I even had no time to comment on the blogs that I follow or answering comments. I'm so sorry for that!

But now I have some posts coming up... hope you will follow up~

I want to show you my beautiful eyeshadow pallet from Lunasol Lighting for Eyes in Soft.
I got this a couple of months ago already, but didn't have to time to review it yet!

I love Lunasol eyeshadows! The quality, the colours, the case... I love everything^^

I can't get enough of the sparkles @__@

Swatches (with Canmake Eyeprimer):


Some beauty, B2ST/BEAST and Kana Nishino...

Hey hey everyone ^^

so wanna blog about some things I thought would be interesting ^^

Maquillage's Spring 2011 Collection: Lightning White Powdery UV Foundation
The ad reminds me of Final Fantasy... I dunno why. Maybe because she looks just so perfect (°-°). I like the fact that she has less eye make up ^^

New items from Shiseido's Majolica brand called "Fake Sleeping". Best is the Majoromantica F Limited perfume! A limited newer version of the red Majoromantica perfume yay! I love the old one thus I think I'll try this one too ^^

Paradise Kiss TV drama (°O°)!! I read the manga years ago and love it since. So adorable (>,<) But George looks strange... not like Manga-George lol

Kana Nishino got a new hair colour :O Maybe I'm the last one notice that, but I'm kinda shocked... because she even looks cute with dark hair! Can she even look not adorable?! (I think not >4<°)
Her new single Esperanza is nice too ^^ you should check it out :3

My favourite K-pop boygroup ^^ B2ST/BEAST... and their newest release FICTION. So sad and touching... I really like it. And their practice videos are quite nice too ^^ you should check them out too!

I like them in "japanese style" a bit more... especially in "SHOCK" ^^ you can find the korean version on youtube too^^

So lastly... do someone know anything about this tensi brand? Do you know where to buy online?

So hope you'll have a super nice week ^^



My HGs =(^_^)=

I love to read about the "HG" word in other blogs, cos I believe products that work good for others, may also work good for me lol

So this post is all about my favourits ^^

SK-II Whitening Source Clear Lotion - makes the skin super comfortable and soft and does some whitening effekt.

Light Toning Water from the Muji store - it's quite fresh and does moisture the skin (better than my old one from Laneige, but I want to try Hadalabo Toner one day) 

This is a whitening mask from Kose. I love Kose products cos of their whitening effects but I always get distracted by other brands >.< The texture is super nice like melted icecream <3

Steam Cream - makes your skin super soft. I always come back to this ^^

Jill Stuart blush <3 I like to highlight my face with the white shade here and if you want super nice pink cheeks, this is the one you need^^

My favourite lipstick in a beige tone from the Lavshuca brand. I love their packaging and it's very moisturising and the colour is very natural.

The lipstick from YSL is very moisturising too and the colour is more for noticeable.

Yup, I like and use sometimes eyetalk from Koji^^; I have very small eyes (but a big face lol), so if I want to do the more japanese make up style, I need this :D

My favourite lipgloss from Candydoll... I like the one from Canmake too. But this one is special too. It's so sheer and I've been influenced by the nice packaging lol

Eyeliner by Dolly Wink is quite popular amongst the gyaru scene or whoever love Tsubasa lol I love her too... 

Best inexpensive face mask from Face Q, which also produce the famous My beauty diary masks. But I love their Face Q series much more. The whitening effect is absolutely great I think.

I love the perfume from Chloé cos it is feminine and last the whole day! 

I hope you liked that post and if you don't already tried out these products you want now :D


Lavshuca Finish Powder in Lucent

I was searching for the perfect powder (like always)... and I was just blended by the nice Lavshuca advertisement XD.

So I got the Lavshuca Finish Powder in Lucent.

The packaging is really nice... I love the "L" symbol and the elegant yet cute packaging!

For those of you who don't know the brand Lavshuca. It's a subbrand from Kanebo which features also brands like Lunasol, Kate, Coffret D'or and a lot more. Link to the official site.

Inside there is a little sponge with a cute purple ribbon. It's really soft<3

I choosed the powder in Lucent, because I just want to matt my skin a bit and most powder I bought so far was a bit too dark for me.

I wanted to take a FOTD but I'm really stressed at the moment >-< But I can tell you, it's really fair and airy. It gives you the luminous skin<3

But I really want to try Lunasol powder next *Q*

Hope you enjoyed the review and liked the photos. Please let me know, if you know a good powder ;3




Hey hey everyone ^^

I was not blogging for a while now again :< *shame* But everytime I wanted to go on like always and post some reviews etc. I always remember the terrible things happening in Japan. And everytime I thought going on like always I thought is was not the right thing. My favourit blogs are not updating cos of these reseasons and I'm so sad because everything I know changed. How can big things chance so suddenly? I'm really shoked. One personal thing I have to worry about is the nuclear power plant disaster. That's because my grandparents live at the coast to South Korea and Japan and I'm worried about them too. People are buying salt and other things already in China now. Of course they are not so affected as the japanese people in the north east area of Japan. No country deserve what happened in Japan. I can't imagine what people are experience right now. But at last I have to say I really admire how japanese people behave in such a situation.

So in this post I want to share some pics I took recently on a trip. When I look at them I feel a little bit better and hope for a little bit better. Nature is the thing most beautiful<3

Nothing special and I'm still learning and working with my Nikon (>4<)°

Take care of yourself and people you know~