MAC pro colour x 4 compact + cranberry and sable eyeshadows

It's been ages since my last post. Though I'm totally motivated to blog I just couldn't find enough time for it. It's been hectic the past year. With my job my life changed. I've so much more possibilities now that it is hard to find a quiet moment to blog. But I want to try for the better! Hope someone still stops by?

At the end of last year I was totally hooked on MAC. I got two different holiday sets even and like 4 lipsticks... I was a little obsessed. But I'm feeling cured now :-) So don't worry.

The sleek packaging of the palette is gorgeous. It kind gives you the pro-feeling :-)

Got two eye shadows too. The refills for the pro palette is cheaper than one single eye shadow but it's still expensive in Germany.

Got cranberry (above) and sable (below). They are well known colours from MAC and very useful even on a everyday basis.

My palette still miss two more eyeshadows. I think I will add a highlighter and a more darker colour. Some suggestions?

The (not yet) finished eyeshadow palette.

I really like MAC eyeshadows. The pigmentation is great and the formular as well. I like them as I like Urban Decay and Guerlain eyeshadows. Since the price is much higher than the other two, I think I wouldn't buy another palette. But then you should never say never right? :-)