Hey hey everyone ^^

I was not blogging for a while now again :< *shame* But everytime I wanted to go on like always and post some reviews etc. I always remember the terrible things happening in Japan. And everytime I thought going on like always I thought is was not the right thing. My favourit blogs are not updating cos of these reseasons and I'm so sad because everything I know changed. How can big things chance so suddenly? I'm really shoked. One personal thing I have to worry about is the nuclear power plant disaster. That's because my grandparents live at the coast to South Korea and Japan and I'm worried about them too. People are buying salt and other things already in China now. Of course they are not so affected as the japanese people in the north east area of Japan. No country deserve what happened in Japan. I can't imagine what people are experience right now. But at last I have to say I really admire how japanese people behave in such a situation.

So in this post I want to share some pics I took recently on a trip. When I look at them I feel a little bit better and hope for a little bit better. Nature is the thing most beautiful<3

Nothing special and I'm still learning and working with my Nikon (>4<)°

Take care of yourself and people you know~


New Design and Upcoming Posts (^д^)~

Hey hey (^ц^)~

New blog design for 2011! I was editing on this pic for some days (weeks...haha) already, cos I didn't want to destroy the composition of the pic itself. I got it from Einwegherz, who is such a lovely and great artist (*Q*)! I adore all her pics and photography. Please visit her site on Deviantart by clicking her nick above.

Lani, thank you so much for letting me using it for this Blog!
You can't imagine how happy this makes me cos I love this pic so much. So Thanks<3

I used the angelic war font from Dirt2.com for the banner, which is so nice made. I love it too XD

Beside the banner I also added some Sakura on the background. I LOVE Sakura themes... mostly on table cloths and dinnerware. But wanted to add some here on the blog too<3

I know I have to adjust some things on the design cos it looks different on different laptops/netbooks... but didn't figure it out yet (;^;)°... but trying of course!

And some pics of upcoming posts that I'm still editing on...

Lavshuca Powder in Lucent- the powder I'm loving atm the most!

Lunasol Lighting for Eyes in Soft (omg it's Lunasol... how can I say more *Q*) 

Some stationary I got from Etsy <3 I LOVE Rilakkuma!

Hope everyone will have a great and happy week (^-^). And thanks to the new followers! I'm watching you guys too haha (*Q*)!!