L'Occitane Sweet Cherry Blossom Set

I've been really enjoying this travel/gift set by L'Occitane. Got this from my mother. It's so cute! I'll use the pouch to carry some make-up and stationery essentials with me. It's the perfect size, because it fits my pens easily! This set includes:

  • Mini Eau de Toilette Sakura 7.5ml
  • Cherry Blossom Showergel 75ml
  • Cherry Blossom Scented Soap 100g
  • Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 10ml
  • Bonne Mère bath tablet Peach 18g

Love all items. Especially the soap! L'Occitane soaps feel luxurious. Love travel size products since I don't need to buy anything extra for my carry-on-luggage trips.


[In my mother-in-law's garden]

Visited my mother-in-law this past Saturday and had time to take some pictures in her wonderfully maintained little garden. There was so much to see. Every corner was utilized to its fullest. It felt like the last weekend of late summer in 2016. We had a really yummy barbecue and chatted happily along. I even did some videos, that I would like to make into a little film. By the way pansy is one of my favourite flowers.


[my neighbourhood] A glimpse of autumn

A glimpse of autumn at my neighbourhood. Shot with a Nikon D5000 and a 50mm Nikon lens. These days (after I finally figured out how my camera works - I've owned it for like 5 years!) I like to take pictures of my surroundings when I go out with the dogs. Taking pictures is actually very relaxing and now I kind of see why there are people out there who would decribe taking photographs as mediative. That's when I got back from work. After walking with the dogs Vik and I would eat dinner together that he prepaired while I was out. After that we would either sit side by side infront of our notebooks and do stuff or we would cuddle at the sofa and watch a series together. Then we would probably fall asleep (so much sooner on the sofa so I'm trying to avoid it).