Ending this year of blogging with a flash of things I got in 2012.

Also I thought the idea of the japanese Ema (which are small wooden plates, where you write your prayers and wishes) was kind of nice.

I always wanted to go to a shrine and pray for a good new year.

My wishes are basically just normal things... like success in work, health, happiness in relashionship for all the people I love and myself.

I think of my grandparents a lot these days. I want to care more about them even though they are so far away.

I wish to be more calm and self confident too. 

2012 actually wasn't easy and my boyfriend was so patient with me. 

No one will ever be so patient and loving to me than he is. 

Thank you so much !

Happy new year to all of you ! 




It's Christmas Eve and I'm stuck with a bad cold

Basically laying in bed and feeling sick...

I didn't imagine Christmas to be like this.

Wanted to put on some Christmas Tree pics, but too sick now.

BUT I thought my blog shouldn't be the one to suffer too.

So MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all !  

Hope you have great Christmas days!


Red/Dark-Blue Striped Shirt

Got a striped shirt with sale yesterday. 

Sale time is always so dangerous.

On one side there are three buttons.

The size is pretty loose fitting. 

Which I like, but it's still a bit big.  

The material is thick cotton and very comfortable.

It's warm enough for these days too.

Nice for coordinates・・・・・

I wore it today with a black skirt and black tights and comfy boots.


Aoi Miyazaki x earth inspo

Aoi Miyazaki, is a 27 year old Japanese actress, who played also Nana Komatsu in the Movie Nana in 2005. Nana by Ai Yazawa was my very favourite Manga. I loved it so much. My fave character was also Nana Komatsu (called "Hachi"). When I saw that Aoi Miyazaki played Hachi, I was so happy, because I think she was perfect for the role. 

BTW. my domain/blog name is also inspired by this Manga. Satsuki was the child from Hachi and Takumi and so adorable. I loved her ! Oh well... enough of my obsession.

That's why I was totally amazed about her collaboration with earth, music & ecology.
A brand I adore so much as well. SO PERFECT !

2012 Winter Collection "Natural Mode"

2012 Autumn Collection "Cool & Girly"


Nicole by OPI "Keep it real"

In one of my previous post, I mentioned Nicole by OPI in Keep it real.

This is how it looks on my nails.

I love red nail polishes. I think I'm definitely a red nail polish girl haha. But sometimes I feel like putting on other colors as well though.

I think Keep it real is a perfect match to Christmas baubles. The pictures doesn't show it right, but this nail polish is actually quite sparkling. Like well... dark red Christmas baubles.

JUST PERFECT for Christmas !

I really feel more festive with this nail colour.

** H A P P Y **


Rosewater by Crabtree & Evelyn

My favourite scent at the moment is the Rosewater by Crabtree & Evelyn.

It's actually an early Christmas gift.

I just LOVE the light and fresh rose scent of the Rosewater. It's truly a pure rose scent. Like from the garden in spring. No other scent noticeable. For me that's just perfect !

The bottle is simple and pretty. Just like the scent !

I think the scent is suitable for every season. But it must be especially great in summer and spring for its lightness. 

The scent last about a couple of hours and after that nothing remains on the skin. No scent at all which I like, because I hat the aftersmell of most perfumes. But that means also that you have to spray it again to maintain the scent.

The bottle is made of glass, so it's a bit heavy. I chose the one with 30 ml, so it's okay to carry it in the bag. No problem !

From the Crabtree & Evelyn official site:

The romantic and enchanting fragrance of Rosa centifolia, the hundred-petal rose, has inspired perfumers throughout the centuries. Our eau de toilette pays homage to this captivating ingredient with an enticing blend of rosewater surrounded with notes of violet, peony, fresh green foliage, and musk accords.

  • Rosa centifolia, the legendary hundred-petal rose, has been a coveted fragrance ingredient throughout the centuries.
  • Can be sprayed on after bath or shower for a light, enchanting fragrance.
  • Free of parabens, phthaletes, propylene glycol, and mineral oil.

Fragrance: Captivating rosewater surrounded with light notes of violet, florals, and musk.