Some new closet items

I picked up a brown-red checked flannel shirt from MUJI for the cold weather.
The MUJI-Style does sometimes feel a bit too "straight" to me. But they have great clothes too. I really like the furniture from Muji though (and practically everything else). But I think they are quite costly here in Germany.

To the Flannel Shirt : The quality is great and the collar is very nice too. It's comfortable to wear and warms me up quite well. I will scan some nice coordinates how to wear checked shirts. I always love how japanese magazines inspires me.

I also got a wool scarf. It's so cozy and warm. I'm not freezing at the neck anymore.  
But I have to "Dry Clean" it. I don't know how to do that yet since I do my laundry at home. I don't want to go to the salon just because of a scarf. It's annoying. I have to figure it out eventually.

I picked up a medium sized bag at Zara. I like Zara, but it's always so crowded. I can't concentrade on the clothes at all lol.

This is an easy style bag from their BASIC line. There's enough place for my purse, small make up pouch with a hand mirror, mobile phone, notepad, tissues and small comb... I always carry a bigger bag with me if I need to carry something big suddenly (like picking up parcels at the post office haha).

Some new pearl earrings. They are slightly bigger than my usual style. But I like them more since they make my face a bit smaller. And they suit every coordinate.

I got a new hair cut on last Friday. I guess I had some sort of misunderstanding with my hairdresser. I have an unsual medium-short hair cut now. I hate it. Honestly I look strange. But I figured it would be great when it growed out a bit. Well I think I just try to see the positiv thing here...


  1. The tan bag looks really nice for any season! : D The earrings are so nice, and they look like they can match with anything!

  2. the checkered shirt is so nice ^_~

  3. Die Tasche ist ja schön *.*

    Oh dein neuer Haarschnitt würde ich aber schon gerne sehen ;)

  4. You posted such cozy things! A wool scarf is inevitable for these freezing cold winter days and I love the pearl ear rings :) they always make you look so lady-like without a big effort! Oh and I've always wanted a flannel shirt but I'm afraid that I would look really clumsy :/

  5. Die Tasche sieht so schön schlicht aus und eine in so praktischer Größe sollte ich mir auch mal anschaffen : o

  6. I want everything! It's such a perfect collection of "gets!"