In the past I wasn't so fond of this brand... I dunno why now...because they have amazing stuff!!

My little haul:

Btw. the shopping bag from L'Occitane is very beautiful. The colours and the motive.. so inspiring! *love*

Rose 4 Reines Bath Soap
It smells truly full of roses! The packaging is easy and nice too. Hadn't the chance to try them yet but I will tell you if they are as nice as they smell (*-`ω´- )

Rose 4 Reines Velvet Hand Cream
Since I love scent of roses in lotions this one is just the right for me. I prefer these lotions over perfumes because the scent of perfumes are often too strong for me. 

The smell of this little handcream is just amazing! AND it lasts like forever!! (^O^☆♪

I also enjoy the pink, wine and gold themed packaging.

I received this Pivoine Flora Shower Gel as a gift with my purchase. Horraay who doesn't love gifts right?^^