Palty Hair Colour in Maple Donut

Got two packages of Palty hair dye in Maple Donut from adambeauty.

I dyed my hair on a regular basis. I only use Palty hair dye now since it works great for me.

Palty is a  japanese hair dye brand featuring the gyaru models Yui Kanno and Tsubasa Masuwaka.

I want to lighten my hair and get a nice brown toned colour.

For long hair I suggest 2 packages of the hair dye. So there will be no stress while using it. 

For people who have shoulder length or shorter hair 1 hair dye is enough.

Palty is the only hair dye that turns my hair in a nice non-reddish brown colour. So I do believe that asian brand hair dyes suit asian hair better in a way.

Last time I used Palty hair dye in Honey Brown and was quite satisfied too! 

A comparison of the packagings:

Comparison of the colours.. on the left Maple Donut and on the right is Honey Brown

I heard Palty hair dyes don't stay long, but my personal impression was that the colour is quite long lasting

Of course the colour is not the same after a month but it's still nice. 

Also my hair ends were quite OK after 2 times colouring in 4 months.

I'll skip the part to explain how to use it because there are plenty of guides already existing.

But I want to describe the colour a bit:

Honey Brown was more "green-toned" whereares Maple Donut is more "violet-toned". Therefore Honey Brown will turn your hair more yellowish and Maple Donut will turn your hair more reddish brown.But still brown ! Not red nor yellow colour in it.

Here is the result on me

It lightens my roots successfully. Also the colour went on quite evenly.

I'm very happy with the result

Some hair colour inspo:


Extra care for cold days :3

My skin feels dry lately cos of stress and the cold weather. So I got some creams as an extra care. (´∀`)★

First of all I would like to recommend Steam Cream. I got these at feelunique.com, when they had an sale on them. Steam Cream is one of the products that I wanted to try a lot.

I got Planetarium. I just love the packaging  (*´ω`*)☆

And Alice. Both limited editions (but I don't know which is not limited...) Here is the Gallery of their packaging. Aw, I would like to collect them all (*´д`*)"!

Okey, my experience with this cream is like great. Although it has a strong smell (smells like herbs imo), it is still ok... even for your face. I use this as a night cream and my skin feels really soft after applying.

Next is Vitacreme of course XD Okay, another cream which must have been reviewed a lot among bloggers. And a product that I really wanted to try out. I got this one from cosme-de.net, when they have a sale on it (haha I love sales).

Actually I didn't know that this cream comes from Switzerland. The instruction is even in German language too. I wonder why I didn't see this one in any drugstore in Germany so far.
I got this one cos I had some pimpel scars I wanted to get rid of. It has a strong smell too I think. But I like it XD

And finally Hadanomy Collagen cream. I got this one cos Yumeko from bittenbefore.com recommended it.

It's not that big as it seems (;д;)"

The cream smells incredibly like lycee, which I first dislike cos I don't like that sweet smell so much. But you get use to it. The feeling on your skin is quite nice and hey it contains collagen! yay!

If you have any good recommendations for dry skin in winter please let me know!

Wish you all nice weekend :3



Muji, Lush and japanese snacks :3

*~**H a p p y   n  e w   y e a r !!**~*

I'm so late in doing that (I know), but had so much to do and no time for my little blog *really sad* But I've already worked on some post!:3

As I mentioned in my last post, I was away with a really good friend for christmas shopping (^-^) (feels like ages ago lol). I wanted to visit a Muji store long ago. But had never the chance yet as they have only a couple of stores here in Germany... so I'm super happy that they have one "near" to me in Munich!

I love Muji a lot cos their things are so plain. It doesn't make me feel overload or stressy.

Some items I got there:

It's a body massage soap in green tea *yummy* I loove the scent! My dear friend got the other one in this package XD

A jewellery box. I love these boxes from Muji. I think is perfect for jewellery that is not so expensive.

A headband... I use this one when I put on face masks. It keeps all my hair behind and feels so soft <3 (also it's pink... so love)

Some cotton pads. Love them too XD I think they are better than the round one I got usualy from the drugstore. You can seperate them as you like cos they are quite thick and they suit multiple use too.

Some snacks I got from a japanese store in Munich.

Aka Daihuku (or just Reiskuchen in german lol). It's a rice snack filled with red bones? It's usual in China too. I really enjoyed the pink colour XD

Kasugai Peanut & You. Peanut with seafood taste XD love it <3

My dear friend told me, that this drink would be probably nice. So we got two bottles. The closure of this bottle is a enamel pellet. Once opened it will drop down to the middle and the bottle is open. I like how it looks like XD

Got some jasmine tea too <3

The little japanese store had some crockery too. I love handmade crockery so much (>-<) So my dear friend gifted me with this little bowl.

It has even the sign of my name on it! XD Okay... sleeping cat+sakura flowers+handmade crockery+the sign of my name = LOVE (*-*)"

We spotted a Lush store near the japanese store. It was the first Lush store I have ever seen in my life!! It was a really little store but filled with so many people. I dislike places where I couldn't breath... so my mind was confused in this store and finally I only picked up this Angels on Bare Skin face wash... Aw I should have picked up more (>3<) *totally regret it*

Finally a pic of the 2 of us at Starbucks<3