Extra care for cold days :3

My skin feels dry lately cos of stress and the cold weather. So I got some creams as an extra care. (´∀`)★

First of all I would like to recommend Steam Cream. I got these at feelunique.com, when they had an sale on them. Steam Cream is one of the products that I wanted to try a lot.

I got Planetarium. I just love the packaging  (*´ω`*)☆

And Alice. Both limited editions (but I don't know which is not limited...) Here is the Gallery of their packaging. Aw, I would like to collect them all (*´д`*)"!

Okey, my experience with this cream is like great. Although it has a strong smell (smells like herbs imo), it is still ok... even for your face. I use this as a night cream and my skin feels really soft after applying.

Next is Vitacreme of course XD Okay, another cream which must have been reviewed a lot among bloggers. And a product that I really wanted to try out. I got this one from cosme-de.net, when they have a sale on it (haha I love sales).

Actually I didn't know that this cream comes from Switzerland. The instruction is even in German language too. I wonder why I didn't see this one in any drugstore in Germany so far.
I got this one cos I had some pimpel scars I wanted to get rid of. It has a strong smell too I think. But I like it XD

And finally Hadanomy Collagen cream. I got this one cos Yumeko from bittenbefore.com recommended it.

It's not that big as it seems (;д;)"

The cream smells incredibly like lycee, which I first dislike cos I don't like that sweet smell so much. But you get use to it. The feeling on your skin is quite nice and hey it contains collagen! yay!

If you have any good recommendations for dry skin in winter please let me know!

Wish you all nice weekend :3



  1. i hope you like vitacreme as much as i do :D

  2. Wow these look really good! I wanna try these now!! And I like lycee so I'm interested. :3

  3. Mm the steam cream tins are very cute, looking forward to see how all the creams they all work out for you.

  4. oooh steam creams.. still unavailable in my part of the world.. i love your pictures! What camera are u using? Or is it the photographers skill? :P

  5. @saltvinegar: hey thx XD i'm using a nikon d5000 lately ^^

  6. You have so many stuff with super cute packaging!:D

    Try M.A.C. Moisturelush Cream.:D

    ***** Marie *****