Palty Hair Colour in Maple Donut

Got two packages of Palty hair dye in Maple Donut from adambeauty.

I dyed my hair on a regular basis. I only use Palty hair dye now since it works great for me.

Palty is a  japanese hair dye brand featuring the gyaru models Yui Kanno and Tsubasa Masuwaka.

I want to lighten my hair and get a nice brown toned colour.

For long hair I suggest 2 packages of the hair dye. So there will be no stress while using it. 

For people who have shoulder length or shorter hair 1 hair dye is enough.

Palty is the only hair dye that turns my hair in a nice non-reddish brown colour. So I do believe that asian brand hair dyes suit asian hair better in a way.

Last time I used Palty hair dye in Honey Brown and was quite satisfied too! 

A comparison of the packagings:

Comparison of the colours.. on the left Maple Donut and on the right is Honey Brown

I heard Palty hair dyes don't stay long, but my personal impression was that the colour is quite long lasting

Of course the colour is not the same after a month but it's still nice. 

Also my hair ends were quite OK after 2 times colouring in 4 months.

I'll skip the part to explain how to use it because there are plenty of guides already existing.

But I want to describe the colour a bit:

Honey Brown was more "green-toned" whereares Maple Donut is more "violet-toned". Therefore Honey Brown will turn your hair more yellowish and Maple Donut will turn your hair more reddish brown.But still brown ! Not red nor yellow colour in it.

Here is the result on me

It lightens my roots successfully. Also the colour went on quite evenly.

I'm very happy with the result

Some hair colour inspo:


  1. LOL hey I just bought Palty for the first time too gonna dye my hair this weekend XD the color doesn't look quite like the color on the box, but no hair color would ever turn out the same XD I like it :) it looks like the color in the second pic (Yui) =)

    1. Yes I know! The colour will turn out differently. That's why I like to read reviews before buying ^^

  2. Nice post!! Is it absolutely weird that I get excited when I hear someone has dyed their hair? Anyways lovely colour choice!!! I really love the first pic where you post 'some pics where I really like the colours' I really love that blonde/light brown colour too!! Hehe :3

  3. Nice post :) I like Palty hair dye!! And I think your hair color is pretty <3
    By the way, I tagged you with the stylish blogger award!!

  4. Hi Xin! Love your blog it's so cute!

    I love palty haha I've been using milk tea brown for so long! I dont know why people say it's so damaging but it's quite nice.

    Oh I like Yui's brown hair color in your magazine scan it's more natural but still so cute!

  5. i think that is a pretty red! it looks vibrant :)

  6. Hiya, great blog! Am your latest follower. Your hair colour is gorgeous and vibrant!

  7. I always wanted to try Palty!! It turned out great, the colour suits you well. Now, i'm thinking of dying my hair again haha xx

  8. I want to try Palty!The package is so cute!^^

  9. I also would like to try out Palty!
    Nice post^^ I really like the color!

  10. I think it's a pretty shade and how cute is the packaging?! I want!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  11. Woaah ! wollt das Palty auch auch ausprobieren aber in honig oder so.... weiss aber nur, dass es bei Yesstyle zu kaufen gibt...? ö_ö XD

    1. Hey :) Probier mal adambeauty.com ^^v