My HGs =(^_^)=

I love to read about the "HG" word in other blogs, cos I believe products that work good for others, may also work good for me lol

So this post is all about my favourits ^^

SK-II Whitening Source Clear Lotion - makes the skin super comfortable and soft and does some whitening effekt.

Light Toning Water from the Muji store - it's quite fresh and does moisture the skin (better than my old one from Laneige, but I want to try Hadalabo Toner one day) 

This is a whitening mask from Kose. I love Kose products cos of their whitening effects but I always get distracted by other brands >.< The texture is super nice like melted icecream <3

Steam Cream - makes your skin super soft. I always come back to this ^^

Jill Stuart blush <3 I like to highlight my face with the white shade here and if you want super nice pink cheeks, this is the one you need^^

My favourite lipstick in a beige tone from the Lavshuca brand. I love their packaging and it's very moisturising and the colour is very natural.

The lipstick from YSL is very moisturising too and the colour is more for noticeable.

Yup, I like and use sometimes eyetalk from Koji^^; I have very small eyes (but a big face lol), so if I want to do the more japanese make up style, I need this :D

My favourite lipgloss from Candydoll... I like the one from Canmake too. But this one is special too. It's so sheer and I've been influenced by the nice packaging lol

Eyeliner by Dolly Wink is quite popular amongst the gyaru scene or whoever love Tsubasa lol I love her too... 

Best inexpensive face mask from Face Q, which also produce the famous My beauty diary masks. But I love their Face Q series much more. The whitening effect is absolutely great I think.

I love the perfume from Chloé cos it is feminine and last the whole day! 

I hope you liked that post and if you don't already tried out these products you want now :D


Lavshuca Finish Powder in Lucent

I was searching for the perfect powder (like always)... and I was just blended by the nice Lavshuca advertisement XD.

So I got the Lavshuca Finish Powder in Lucent.

The packaging is really nice... I love the "L" symbol and the elegant yet cute packaging!

For those of you who don't know the brand Lavshuca. It's a subbrand from Kanebo which features also brands like Lunasol, Kate, Coffret D'or and a lot more. Link to the official site.

Inside there is a little sponge with a cute purple ribbon. It's really soft<3

I choosed the powder in Lucent, because I just want to matt my skin a bit and most powder I bought so far was a bit too dark for me.

I wanted to take a FOTD but I'm really stressed at the moment >-< But I can tell you, it's really fair and airy. It gives you the luminous skin<3

But I really want to try Lunasol powder next *Q*

Hope you enjoyed the review and liked the photos. Please let me know, if you know a good powder ;3