MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Dreaming Dahlia

Hello everyone!

Last monday I went to one of my local MAC counters to complete my MAC pro palette. I had a huge list of colours I wanted to try out but I knew I could just pick up two. When I arrived there I thought it was strange because there were a lot more people than usual. Then I spotted the "A Fantasy of Flowers" LE display and I still didn't realize it was the first day for their spring collection. I was never ever there on the first day so normally things would sell out before I came haha. The LE was gorgeous but I just got a lot of MAC items lately and I didn't want to buy anything beside my eyeshadows this time (I'm trying to be a good girl and use things up instead of buying more).

Beside the eyeshadows I wanted a orange/peachy/coral lipstick because I saw a beautiful picture of Liu Wen. A SA suggested Dreaming Dahlia to me and that's how and why I get it.

Dreaming Dahlia looks bold when in bottle but since it has lustre finish it's sheer and you can build the colour to an intense one if you want or you can just put on one layer to achieve fresh coral lips for a everyday look. It's also very easy to use since you don't have to fear it might look strange on the lip lines. I think it's really great for spring and summer! I'm totally up to peach-coral tones for this year anyway. So I'm really happy about this lipstick!

What do you think about this LE? Do you like MAC? Do you like coral lips just as much as I do?


25 random facts about me TAG

I'm SO late in doing this tag! Do you even remember about when this random facts about me tag was going around? Well even though I'm super late I still want to do this tag just because I LOVED post about it by other bloggers. Thanks sooyoona for tagging me (orignally it was the 50 random facts about me tag but I reduced it to 25 hehe). 

Hope you will enjoy this a bit!

1. I didn't use any make up until 3 years ago. Then I ordered a Laneigh skin care set and the Missha Watery BB Cream. I was so amazed about how you can look so much better with make up and a new hobby was born.

2. I love feeding animals. I love even feeding animals that I don't like! Guess I like attention from animals... well...

3. I hated the bus. I was depending on the bus or the train my life long and I just hated it. I hated that I have to wait in the cold or in the hot weather depending if it is summer or winter. I hated the smell and most of the other people. I hated that I wasn't able to just go somewhere when I wanted. That's why it was SO important to me to have an own car. It's like heaven!

4. I grew up with Harry Potter and Sailor Moon. Till today I love to watch the Harry Potter movies again and again. Maybe I should try to watch all 8 movies at the weekend. This will be either crazy or fun.

5. I love japanese architecture, food, fashion and make up. One day I want to travel there!

6. Though I do not have a romantic side (I just don't know how to behave when it is getting romantic haha) I always wanted to marry with a Tiffany ring (not the engagement rings but the wedding rings) and to spend my honeymoon at Hawaii.

7. I have a HUGE wishlist of things I want to buy, but usually I don't buy things from that list. Instead I would just buy things randomly depending on my mood.

8. I'm with my boyfriend for  nearly 9 years, which I'm VERY proud of. We spent our teenage years together and I think you can say we grew up together too.

9. I love to watch crime tv series such as castle, bones and criminal minds. For some people these series may be boring but I LOVE them! I can watch them aaaaaalll the time!

10. I used to like things that I can't get in Germany. Like Japanese cosmetics, japanese food, Victoria Secret and Coach bags. But now I feel like I'm quite happy with the things I can buy here in Germany. I just LOVE shopping in the stores!

11. I love reading stuff. I used to destroy books by caring them with me all the time... they were a mess after I've finished them haha. Now I got a kindle, which is waaay better than carring a heavy book. So I love it!
12. From Tiffany's & Co. I love especially their Diamonds on the Yard collection. It's so subtle and beautiful!

13. Although I think it's crazy to spend a hugh amount of money on things like a single bag, I still want one... and I've bought one. The crazy thing is that now that I have one, I am thinking to get another one! Hell!

14. It was very hard for me to get a decent job after graduation and that's why I'm still not really self concious. Because at some time you will loose all your self conciousness! It's like that. Except everything goes very smooth in your life of course. But I think the majority of us does just feel like me?!

15. I reconized I wasn't really eating healthy all this time.... that's why I enrolled myself to the gym. I'm also more aware of what I eat. So Low Carb I'm coming!

16. I love expensive make up. Although I have drugstore favourites (like Mascara and concealers) I just can't use them as long as I use make up from expensive brands.

17. I work 40 hours a week plus I spend a huge amount of time on the way. So most time when I'm home I just want to relax and mostly doing nothing! Of course I'm doing things but I don't do anything special. Since this is pretty sad I decided to have some weekly plan. I'll write about this in a seperate post!

18. I'm a whiney person when it comes to moving stories. I don't know what's wrong with me but whenever there is a heart-warming scene in a movie I would instantly get whiney! You can't go with me to the cinema without being embarassed!

19. I'm very sensitive to the feelings of others. That makes me a bit unconfortable on most people most time. It's just weird when I get upset or unconfortable just because the other one feels sad or anything.

20. My favourite nail colour was red. I loved red to pieces. I have a little collection of my favourite reds. But recently I felt different and I couldn't bear the thought of red nails anymore. Instead I like colours that I absolutely not loved before! My current favourite is "Boyfriend" from KURE!

21. I have a VERY oily t-zone... which means I'm always glowing like hell! I'm continuously working on a plan to stop this glowing thing called my nose/t-zone area. But you know this area of your face is strong to fight against!

22. I have little obsessions over things and then I will move to another different thing. I have the feeling my taste is always changing. I hated that in the past but now (with over mid-twenty) I realized that this is how I am and I'm absolut fine with it now.

23. I'm really shy when it comes to making friends. Although I had grown into a "I can laugh with everyone"-state because of my job, I really am difficult to be friend with someone easily. I think I have to make more effort in making friends and also say yes to more things.

24. I really want to have long hair and ombre colour right now. 1 year ago I had long hair but I cut it off for work purposes. I did a lot of weird things because of work (but not what you think right now!).

25. I want to live by the sea. I love the breeze, the scent and the feeling of the endlessness! Maybe it has something to do that I've been born in a harbour city. But I just adore the sea! I want to go on holiday right now haha.


I want to suggest everyone of you who hasn't done this tag to do it too. It's so much fun and I would LOVE to read your posts! So even if you've done this tag in the past please leave a link in the comment so I can stop by and get to know more of you!