Day trip to Mainau

Saturday was sunny and we went for a day trip to Mainau, a little island at Bodensee in Germany. Mainau is famous for their flowers and landscape. There are different places you can visit on the island like butterfly and palm tree house, rose garden etc. It was very crowded on the day we went there, so I suggest to go there on a weekday or after 5 p.m. (since it's cheaper then). I loved all the flowers and the sight of Bodensee, but you have to pay for the entrance to the island and it's very pricey. The food and drinks were okay, but very pricey too. I think, if you bring your own food and drinks and have kids, then it would be a wonderful place for some family time. It got a little boring for us, because there are other places more stunning in Germany then this place for lesser money. Happily there was some activity at the castle courtyard and I found this wooden made little house called "insect hotel". It was filled with different things insects would like and the idea was so pretty.