Poupéegirl addiction

Even though I want to update more often, I didn't feel blogging lately.  
Instead I got addicted to Poupéegirl.

Poupéegirl is a japanese fashion brand community
It's funny that I started it now. 4 years ago I tried poupéegirl the first time. But then everything was still in Japanese. I was already in love with the style then but it was just too stressy for me to use it. 
So I am really happy that everything is in Englisch now. Ah so perfect !

This is my room at poupéegirl. 

At the moment I really enjoy playing poupéegirl. I think it has a really nice community. It's also very easy to enjoy.
You just post things from your closet, make up and accessory. It's fun and easy to share things with others. It's also nice to see the closet of other pupes. Another feature is "Dress up". You can dress up your pupe with cute items. You can eighter buy them with jewels or ribbons.

A few things I posted there:

These two are hand-made items from my friend Sooyoona. She is really talented right? I got them for my birthday. Thank you

Good night everyone I hope you had a nice Halloween.