Yumeko’s Weekly Photo Challenge #9 – All Star Makeup Edition

Reading other bloggers favourites was interesting for me since I could see a lot of great products in one post. So this time I wanted to join Yumekos weekly challenge. (0)

1. The Super Star. Something you have used for over a year and will still using

I like gold/champagne/neutral eyeshadows so this palette was perfect for me! Maybe I should buy the second palette too?

This Dior foundation is just amazing! It makes my skin look soft and it does a great job with covering freckles. I usually use this in summer because in winter it is too drying for my skin.

2. The Fast Rising Star. Something you have used for over 6 months and will still be using

It works great on my eyebrows and stays all day. I can easily blend out the colour with the brush.

3. The Number 1 Draft Pick. Something you just started using and am loving it.

It's great for concealing my dark circles. I also use this as a highlighter sometimes when I feel to do the extra job. The packaging is of course great and very sturdy.
Btw. this is my first Chanel make up item I ever bought. It was by coincidence because it was on a mad sale... so I felt guilty not buying it...well! (T)

4. The FAIL. Something you tried recently and does not work for you.

  • Catrice Powder Blush
  • Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream
The blush doesn't give much colour on me and doesn't stay long. The Garnier BB cream makes my face very oily. Also its smell won't go away even after hours. I just hate this  lol

5. The Experiment. Something you bought and am going to try next.

Got this with a sale of 25%. But it's expensive nevertheless. I was in love with it the first time I saw it! Amazing colour and the smell... it smells of roses!! (@ ̄ ̄@)


Vintage Minnie Mouse by OPI

This nail set from OPI reminds me of Disneyland. I love it! The packaging is so cute... I love Vintage Minnie! Aw she is so cute (*▽≦) I eyed this set a while when it came out. But it was sold out so fast...( Д) But luckily my fav store got it back and they even had a sale of 25%!

The bottles out of the box. My fav nail colour is red. Second pink. So this set is kinda perfect for me!

The bottle is so tiny compared to the original size! But I figured I could stil get my favourite in original size if I want.

The Colour of Minnie. It's a red-pink toned shade.


In other news I got my hair cut shorter in May (for summer). I love my shorter hair so much! Today I cut myself bangs again after being without bangs for couple of months. I feel it's much more neat this way. What do you think?

Since I got shorter hair I use much more hair accessories than before. I got this one from H&M for 2,95 Euros.


I saw the perfect bag!

Today whilst being in the city I spotted the perfect bag! (O)I have a type of bag in mind that I really wanted for a while now. But I never saw the perfect one! So today when I saw it with everything so perfect like the colour or the size or the style my eyes were sparkling! Yay so happy. But it was way too much for me (130 Euro/160 USD). Maybe it's not much for some of you but for me it's a lot of money to spend on a bag. I've just finished my studies and I'm still searching for a job. So it's kind of depressing. If you are so limited like me you can understand that I have to think threefold before spending money. So yeah I'm pissed lol (ω)

OK, so I swear I would buy this damn bag when I find a job?!

Btw. the bag looks like this one from Yesstyle. I saw one on another website but couldn't remember which one so whatever

The one I like is much more beautiful btw. haha perhaps I will go back next week and take a picture?! Oh well I'm feeling ridiculous... (Д ̄)


About something else...

I visited the local botanic garden with the boys (my bf and brother). I'm feeling depressed lately because of the job hunting issue I mentioned before.

So to cheer me up I decided to do this short trip. It was so nice. I like the nature very much!

I wore Fifth Avenue from Essie that day thanks to Sooyoona. Thank you thank you  (@ ̄ ̄@)