I saw the perfect bag!

Today whilst being in the city I spotted the perfect bag! (O)I have a type of bag in mind that I really wanted for a while now. But I never saw the perfect one! So today when I saw it with everything so perfect like the colour or the size or the style my eyes were sparkling! Yay so happy. But it was way too much for me (130 Euro/160 USD). Maybe it's not much for some of you but for me it's a lot of money to spend on a bag. I've just finished my studies and I'm still searching for a job. So it's kind of depressing. If you are so limited like me you can understand that I have to think threefold before spending money. So yeah I'm pissed lol (ω)

OK, so I swear I would buy this damn bag when I find a job?!

Btw. the bag looks like this one from Yesstyle. I saw one on another website but couldn't remember which one so whatever

The one I like is much more beautiful btw. haha perhaps I will go back next week and take a picture?! Oh well I'm feeling ridiculous... (Д ̄)


About something else...

I visited the local botanic garden with the boys (my bf and brother). I'm feeling depressed lately because of the job hunting issue I mentioned before.

So to cheer me up I decided to do this short trip. It was so nice. I like the nature very much!

I wore Fifth Avenue from Essie that day thanks to Sooyoona. Thank you thank you  (@ ̄ ̄@)



  1. Beautiful pictures! :]

    I really need to invest in a camera.

  2. Oh deine Fotos sind immer so wunderschön! Die Tasche ist echt cool. :) Hoffe das mit deiner Jobsuche klappt bald, ich drück dir jeden Tag die Daumen ♥~