Collective Haul

In the last few months I only bought things I really wanted. When I reorganized my things I realized that I had few things that I really liked to wear or use on a daily basis. I can feel how I'm changing ^^

I got this bracelet and earring from Accessorize.

 I love the heart shape and the easy style.

I stopped at the MAC store 2 months ago. Since then I'm using these products nearly 5 days a week.

I got the powder blush in Pinch O'Peach, the Blotting Powder in Medium and the lipstick in Speed Dial. I love the blotting powder! It's perfect for summer, when I get oily very soon. This is very long lasting, but I have to take more care to not look cakey. The colour and texture of the blush is wonderful and stays all day. I also like everything about the lipstick.


Last week I received Sana Soy Milk Q10 Essence and Sana Soy Milk Whitening Cream from Adam Beauty.

I love japanese product packaging! 

Sana Soy Milk Q10 Essence:
Luxurious beauty essence quickly sinks into skin without leaving a heavy or sticky feeling behind. Fermented soymilk, CoQ10 and isoflavone moisturize skin for renewed elasticity and suppleness. Upon application, skin feels smoother and healthier with an attractive luster. Can also be used as a makeup base. Best for dry and sensitive skin types. By SANA.

Sana Soy Milk Whitening Cream: 
Lavish face cream treats skin to unparalleled skin whitening and hydrating with arbutin and natural soymilk. Powerful water binders trap moisture close to skin's surface to keep skin supple and hydrated round the clock. After cleansing and toning skin, gently massage cream evenly on skin and pat in until fully absorbed. Colorant and mineral free formula makes it suitable even for sensitive skin types. By SANA.

In Germany you are able to get a lot of skin care products in pharmacy stores (like Avene, Vichy, La Roche Posay, Skin Ceuticals etc.). I love to stop by the pharmacy regularly to check them out^^

Last time I saw a japanese girl with flawless skin introducing the above cream to her friends. I was so curious I had to try myself haha. Until now it doesn't break me out. It's parabenfree and contains thermal water from Vichy. It has a pleasant scent and a very nice texture. However it's a very rich cream and maybe more suited for winter. I absolutely adore this cream!

Do you have such products in your pharmacy?


 My first product from Kiehl's is the Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-free Toner for all skin types. It doesn't break me out. Also I like the herbal scent and the fresh feeling on my skin. I can feel how it moisturizes my skin!

 The other one is Esteny Hot Curvy Oilgel by Sana:
Body-slimming oil warms up upon application to boost skin metabolism and break up fat cells by inducing sweating. Chili pepper warms up skin to produce perspiration, while garana seed extract hydrates and conditions skin for a softer and more supple feel. While in the shower, massage Hot Curvy Oil Gel over problem areas, leave on for a few minutes and then rinse off. By SANA.
 I use this body scrub spontaneously. Especially in summer I feel I have to do more for my skin. I can feel instantly the difference. My skin is more smooth and less dry. I think is better than normal body scrub. But I didn't sweat because of it and I think it doesn't break up any fat cells lol. It's just a nice addition to any body skin care.

I'm happy I started using Burt's Bees Lip Balm. Beside the heavy smell of honeycomb, it is amazing how it moisturizes my lips.

I got this L'Oreal Caresse Lipstick in Dating Coral. A very nice peachy and transludent colour. I'm thinking of getting more colours of this range cos it's just perfect for summer!

Got these from H&M a week ago. I'm in love with this pink/salmon colour *v*!! 


  1. Such a nice houl! I absolutely adore the accessories you got, especially that bracelet! The MAC blush looks cute too! C:

    The flats look super cute in this color! I got almost the same ones in H&M and they are flower patterned~

  2. Schöner Einkauf. den Dating Coral habe ich mir auch gekauft vor 2 Wochen als ich in DE war. Diese Hot Curvy creme hört sich interessant an *.* funktioniert sie den auch?^^ Die Ohrringe und die Schuhe sind so süss!

    1. Ich hab mir den l'oreal caresse auch erst gekauft nachdem ich es auf deinem blog gesehen hab^^ hab vorher gar nichts von dem gewusst! Die sind einfach super für den sommer^^
      Die Hot Curvy creme funktioniert leider nur als peeling XD Aber es gibt ja diese bath salts aus japan die dich zum schwitzen bringen u man so angeblich abnimmt. Hab bisher nur eins ausprobiert. Sie sind absolut toll!! Ich sollte mehr von denen kaufen haha

  3. I'm usually not a fan of heart shape jewelry, but your earrings are exceptional. They're different and cute. Love the rilakkuma prints.

  4. I have Speed Dial and I love it too! It's one of my favorite colors. Those ballet flats look adorable! Your bracelet is also pretty. Nice hauls!

    1. Speed Dial is such a nice colour >,< but all mac lipsticks are gorgeous!

  5. The Vichy moisturiser sounds so good!! It's a pity the formula is riche.. I would have gone for it. I really like the Bioderma hydrobio serum but they don't sell Bioderma in the UK :( I also really like La Roche Posay -luckily that's wide available. That's a lovely haul there!

    1. The Vichy cream is really nice... but if you don't like to shine like a lamp at night is difficult to use hehee I should check Bioderma... heart already a lot of good things from them^^ thank you

  6. That's a big haul!! I am interested in trying Vichy as well. I've heard good things about that brand. Also, cute shoes!


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  8. Lovely flats, they look so much like proper ballet shoes! The blush colour looks sweet as well, I've never used MAC products before but from what you say, they're good and worth a try!