Vintage Minnie Mouse by OPI

This nail set from OPI reminds me of Disneyland. I love it! The packaging is so cute... I love Vintage Minnie! Aw she is so cute (*▽≦) I eyed this set a while when it came out. But it was sold out so fast...( Д) But luckily my fav store got it back and they even had a sale of 25%!

The bottles out of the box. My fav nail colour is red. Second pink. So this set is kinda perfect for me!

The bottle is so tiny compared to the original size! But I figured I could stil get my favourite in original size if I want.

The Colour of Minnie. It's a red-pink toned shade.


In other news I got my hair cut shorter in May (for summer). I love my shorter hair so much! Today I cut myself bangs again after being without bangs for couple of months. I feel it's much more neat this way. What do you think?

Since I got shorter hair I use much more hair accessories than before. I got this one from H&M for 2,95 Euros.


  1. Oh du hast auch kürzere Haare :) Hab sie mir für den Sommer auch etwas geschnitten (awww so kurz.. schulterlang ^o^).
    Mit dem Nagellack habe ich auch schon geflirtet aber sie dann doch nicht gekauft. Ich benutze so wenig rot/rosa dass sie irgendwann nur rumgelegen wären *,*

    1. Zeig mal deine neue Frisur auf deinem Blog! Ich würde es gerne sehen *v* Jeder hat wirklich seinen eigenen Geschmack haha

  2. i like your new hair! the shorter cut suits you. looks super cute with the curls ^_^

    keep in touch :)

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    1. Thanks ^v^ I will check your site out!!

  3. Adorable colors! ^^ So cute!

    Thank you so much for following me, hon! :3