Muji, Lush and japanese snacks :3

*~**H a p p y   n  e w   y e a r !!**~*

I'm so late in doing that (I know), but had so much to do and no time for my little blog *really sad* But I've already worked on some post!:3

As I mentioned in my last post, I was away with a really good friend for christmas shopping (^-^) (feels like ages ago lol). I wanted to visit a Muji store long ago. But had never the chance yet as they have only a couple of stores here in Germany... so I'm super happy that they have one "near" to me in Munich!

I love Muji a lot cos their things are so plain. It doesn't make me feel overload or stressy.

Some items I got there:

It's a body massage soap in green tea *yummy* I loove the scent! My dear friend got the other one in this package XD

A jewellery box. I love these boxes from Muji. I think is perfect for jewellery that is not so expensive.

A headband... I use this one when I put on face masks. It keeps all my hair behind and feels so soft <3 (also it's pink... so love)

Some cotton pads. Love them too XD I think they are better than the round one I got usualy from the drugstore. You can seperate them as you like cos they are quite thick and they suit multiple use too.

Some snacks I got from a japanese store in Munich.

Aka Daihuku (or just Reiskuchen in german lol). It's a rice snack filled with red bones? It's usual in China too. I really enjoyed the pink colour XD

Kasugai Peanut & You. Peanut with seafood taste XD love it <3

My dear friend told me, that this drink would be probably nice. So we got two bottles. The closure of this bottle is a enamel pellet. Once opened it will drop down to the middle and the bottle is open. I like how it looks like XD

Got some jasmine tea too <3

The little japanese store had some crockery too. I love handmade crockery so much (>-<) So my dear friend gifted me with this little bowl.

It has even the sign of my name on it! XD Okay... sleeping cat+sakura flowers+handmade crockery+the sign of my name = LOVE (*-*)"

We spotted a Lush store near the japanese store. It was the first Lush store I have ever seen in my life!! It was a really little store but filled with so many people. I dislike places where I couldn't breath... so my mind was confused in this store and finally I only picked up this Angels on Bare Skin face wash... Aw I should have picked up more (>3<) *totally regret it*

Finally a pic of the 2 of us at Starbucks<3


  1. aww the bowl is so cute! I have been to Munich once, it's such a beautiful country! my husband's frd live there and my husband also schooled there - i definitely have plenty of excuses to visit there again!

  2. oops i mean beautiful city - clearly im half asleep..

  3. Omg that bowl is SOOOO cute!! The snacks are so cool! I really like that water bottle's shape. o_o Nice blog btw!!

  4. the bowl is so kawaii! I love cats ^^ and that massage bar isn't from LUSH righ? I would die if they had a green tea scented one. love the your blog banner btw~

  5. I think the bowl is cute and dainty!:D

    ***** Marie *****