[my neighbourhood] A glimpse of autumn

A glimpse of autumn at my neighbourhood. Shot with a Nikon D5000 and a 50mm Nikon lens. These days (after I finally figured out how my camera works - I've owned it for like 5 years!) I like to take pictures of my surroundings when I go out with the dogs. Taking pictures is actually very relaxing and now I kind of see why there are people out there who would decribe taking photographs as mediative. That's when I got back from work. After walking with the dogs Vik and I would eat dinner together that he prepaired while I was out. After that we would either sit side by side infront of our notebooks and do stuff or we would cuddle at the sofa and watch a series together. Then we would probably fall asleep (so much sooner on the sofa so I'm trying to avoid it).

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