Essential Damage Care from Kao

Want to show you a hair cair product that I bought some months ago! It's a damage care leave in product from Essential. I think this is not as popular as their hair mask and shampoo.

I got the one for permed waved hair, because I wanted my perm waves to be more "bouncy" lol

Very nice and clean design... I love that it is pink and has some diamond shape form ^-^#

What it does to my hair:
- makes my hair ends nice and smooth
- let perm waves get bouncy (+ super nice result with hair dryer)
- smells very light and nice. I think is a mix of juicy flowery smell (better than any hair cair product I've used so far).

I have semi long hair and I used up the half of the bottle in a couple of months time (no daily use but 2-3 times a week).

It has a milky lightweight texture.
Got this from Ichibankao for a bunch of money $_$, which I think is not really justified.
Otherwise is a good hair care <3

Have a great new week!


  1. sounds like a great product. too bad it's not easily accessible in germany or here. i don't like paying for something more than it's worth >_<

  2. @cushy: yea, i find the prizes on ichibankao really high too >.< won't buy there again until I'm desperate lol

  3. Thanks for sharing, the packaging is cute.:D

    ***** Marie *****