Recent Hauls ^-^~

Recently I got some packages I ordered awhile ago and want to share with you what I got ^^~

From sasa

I used their free shipping promotion to get some things I really wanted to try for long
The expedited shipping was really fast!

I read a lot of good things from Nic Nic about japanese bathsalts.
So I had to try it once!
Got the Bison Pink Champagne one.
I'm really looking forward to bath and feeling like a sweating devil eh~

Wanted to try this Essential Ultra Honey&Shea Butter for so long! 
Finally got the chance to buy one yay~

I picked up a Dolly Wink Nail Colour to try out too! 
I loove Tsubasas beauty line...

But the size is kinda mini too. 
Compared to an Opi... but it doesn't cost as must as Opi so it's OK in the end I think.

So next is something I REALLY wanted to try! 
It's the new beauty line from the famous Niu Er also known as the "Beauty King" of Taiwan XD
It is a very famous brand which was awarded "Best New Brand 2010" in Taiwan and China.

I will review this later so please stay tuned ^^

From adambeauty

The Biore marshmellow whip was ranked number one in Popteen, so I had to try it! 
Also it is my first Bioré product and I'm really curious.
Heard a lot of positive things about Bioré so far. 
 The other one is a Face Lotion from Mentholatum from the Acnes series.
Read good reviews too.

From hqhair

So laaaaaaaaaastly... I got NAKED!!! 
Lord, I was waiting for this for so long! Got this one from hqhair.com
and they took like forever for the delivery.
Even though it is just in UK it took nearly a month to arrive in Germany.
But nonetheless I'm so happy with it <3

So I will leave you guys with a little bit of our cat.
She loooves boxes and bags that everytime there is one she will jump in and later destroy it :<


Happy weekend ^^


  1. aww kitty looks cute ^^ Great haul! :}

  2. @Elisa: thankies =D~

    @London's-beauty: yea she has an angel's face but a devil's heart lol thanks@haul^^

  3. Nice haul & kittie is precious! ^^

  4. Hat dich das Blogging fieber wieder gepackt? ich muss sagen dein Blog hat mich zum blog inspiriert :)

  5. Nice haul! So many goodies!! I never knew they had free shipping, hope it's still on!! Your cat is adorable. xX

  6. @amy: thankies =D

    @Andi: omg, echt? lol ich hatte einbisschen Zeit fürs bloggen... aber ich find das dauert immer so lang XD

    @pinkorchids: thanks ^^ I love free shipping at sasa coz their normal shipping rate is really really high for europeans =( hope u will get some stuff too^^

  7. i like the silver glitter polish, so pretty! And your cat is adorable, my cat likes to hide in bags and boxes as well ^^

  8. Nice haul!:D

    I would love to try the Ultra Honey & Shea Butter moisturizer.

    ***** Marie *****

  9. that's a lot of things that i want to try in your haul. essentials and i'm thinking naruko niaouli line. cute kitty

  10. Nice haul!! Did you like the bath salt in the end?? Ahh your cat is so cute!

  11. great haul!
    Love the cat!!
    my blog!! plz check it out!http://beautifulworld92.blogspot.com/

  12. @clementine: I will take a photo of this nail polish I think. It's really gorgeous! Your cat would probably a good friend to mine... they can hide together lol

    @Marie: thanks, Marie^^

    @cushy: You should try naruko!! It's lovely^^

    @Nic Nic: thanks^^ hadn't the time to try the bathsalt... but I'm sure it's quite good XD maybe I will report how it was for me XD

    @lifestyle92: thankies^^ I'll check ur blog out for sure!!

  13. Haven't try out Bison bath salt. My first try on sana bath salt. Result from the first try is amazing. hehe...nice haul!

  14. @3lin: thanks^^ I'll try my bathsalt soon *.*

  15. Congrats on your new purchases! I can't wait for the Naruko review! I'm going to see what else Sasa has. I love Japanese bath salts.

  16. @lilyonthewater: thanks^^ ahh I have to do the Naruko review soon... still trying out the items ^^

  17. taht honey and shea butter thing looks interesting.. are you going to do a review? x

  18. @Yolandaas: Hi^^ Probably not, cos I didn't like it much at the end cos it does not much miracle on my hairs :-/

  19. Liebe deinen Blog :) Du zeigst hier all die Produkte die ich liebe :D Verfolge Dich direkt :D