Salzburg + Sushi + EOTD

Hey everyone^^,
how was everyones weekend? I got a bit ill, so stayed home most time~
But I had time to do another EOTD ^^

I really like this eye make because i have monolids and it is not that easy to get these big "look in my soul" eyes lol also it is super easy to do!

I failed totally at my eyebrows. I used the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation eyebrow colouring... but i don't like it much coz I have not figured out yet how to use it probably. It is not easy though...

Products I used:

I wanted to try this BB Cream awhile ago, so I bought this in mini size from sasa. It is super light, has a creamy nice texture and a quite strong smell.

Used these ES lashes too... quite good for the prize.

Lately we took a trip to Salzburg in Austria.
Here are some pics we took^^

 The Mirabell Garden with view of the Hohensalzburg Fortress.
 The Pegasus fountain was beautiful.

The flowers and the atmosphere were nice.

 The famous Mozart Chocolate... there were shops everywhere.

Took some pics of the horses too... I like them, they are so beautiful. 

Salzburg has a lot of churches... very beautiful inside.

Other random pics... at my favourite Sushi restaurant "Sakura". They are quite small and very very comfy. I love it!

 I especially love the Sencha Icetea and salad in summer <3

Lately I've become a Park Bom fan~ I really like her voice and she is so cute!

Have a wonderful new week,


  1. That look is gorgeous! :) Will have to try this tomorrow! And the food looks yummy too :)


  2. Everythig looks great! I love the photos of the Garden! Europe has such nice rich history! May I ask how your photos come out so sharp and crisp? Do you sharpen then afterwards with photoshop etc.?

  3. Lovely EOTD!

    Wah, your pictures are gorgeous!! Autria looks like such a wonderful place to visit. ^^

    Park Bom!! :]

  4. Your pics from the trip looks great!! and those eyelashes look nice on you!

  5. beautiful flower garden. everything looks so brown and dead here. thanks for showing these gorgeous photos.

  6. you look great and love the pics of those horses!! and those eyelashes too :D hope you feel better!

  7. @chuui: thankies :3

    @suki: thanks^^ yes, I do sharp them a bit and correct the colours too a bit... I feel like I don't do them justice otherwise lol But it's very easy if u want to try too ^^

    @tiffyama: thx :D I like Austria too ^^

    @Amy: thaaanks ^^ I love the pic with the other ES lashes on you too~

    @cushy: I like the flowers too ^^ all these colours!!

    @Pop Champagne: thaanks =) I love horses!! They were so cute... wish I could take them home hehe

  8. awwwr i love ur eyebrows
    could you tell me where u get the eyebrow colouring :D

  9. Your eotd is super pretty! Are you wearing lenses there? your eyes look very pretty there, it has a watery-effect about it! AHHH I have been Salzburg once when were staying in Munich. You are so lucky to see all the green. All we saw were slushy snow LOL! Great pics :)

  10. What a beautiful place!

    Your eyes and eyebrows look great there! : )

  11. @grinsende Fruehlingsrolle: thanks^^ I used the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Eyebrow colouring. You can get it at adambeauty. But honestly I'm not that fan of it coz it tend to clot.

    @Nic Nic: thankies ^^ yes, I'm wearing some random lenses. I would suggest u visiting Salzburg again during summer but I think it's enough to see it once ^^""" I mean I liked it but it was not THAT interesting XD

    @London's-beauty: thanks ^^~~~ and thx for following~

  12. Wow, what a great post. Salzburg looks beautiful!! Love your EOTD, it's gorgeous.

    i'm a huge fan of sushi too, it's one of my most favourite foods!

  13. Thanks for sharing your trip pictures, I love blog posts like this!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  14. seems that you had a great trip, i have also been in Salzburg, its so cool there, and Mozart candys are hao bang!:) Sie haben ein schönes blog!:) es ist so süß!:)