Some beauty, B2ST/BEAST and Kana Nishino...

Hey hey everyone ^^

so wanna blog about some things I thought would be interesting ^^

Maquillage's Spring 2011 Collection: Lightning White Powdery UV Foundation
The ad reminds me of Final Fantasy... I dunno why. Maybe because she looks just so perfect (°-°). I like the fact that she has less eye make up ^^

New items from Shiseido's Majolica brand called "Fake Sleeping". Best is the Majoromantica F Limited perfume! A limited newer version of the red Majoromantica perfume yay! I love the old one thus I think I'll try this one too ^^

Paradise Kiss TV drama (°O°)!! I read the manga years ago and love it since. So adorable (>,<) But George looks strange... not like Manga-George lol

Kana Nishino got a new hair colour :O Maybe I'm the last one notice that, but I'm kinda shocked... because she even looks cute with dark hair! Can she even look not adorable?! (I think not >4<°)
Her new single Esperanza is nice too ^^ you should check it out :3

My favourite K-pop boygroup ^^ B2ST/BEAST... and their newest release FICTION. So sad and touching... I really like it. And their practice videos are quite nice too ^^ you should check them out too!

I like them in "japanese style" a bit more... especially in "SHOCK" ^^ you can find the korean version on youtube too^^

So lastly... do someone know anything about this tensi brand? Do you know where to buy online?

So hope you'll have a super nice week ^^



  1. RYC - I've never tried Sunkiller.. perhaps the texture is similar :)

    I've seen Tensi around but it's not common in Tokyo i think..

  2. @Nic Nic: thanks a lot about the answer to tensi! And thanks too for linking me to ur site *.*

  3. Thanks for posting up the pics. All the girls look so flawless. You're right, the first pic does remind me of Final Fantasy!

  4. Thanks for posting the pics <3 so nice blog you have ^^ I'm a new reader! http://www.katinosky.blogspot.com/

  5. Love your blog!Hey will you check out mine? If you follow I will return the favor! Thanks to much:)

  6. Did you get Majoromantica F? It smells good! =D

  7. Is that unoa doll in your banner?! If so she's lovely! Sadly I can only drool and lust over these new releases, living on the other side of the earth has it's disadvantages T_T I really miss asia for this reason!

    P.s It often bugs me when they create a manga into a drama, especially if I feel like the actors/actresses they cast don't really reflect the character in the manga/anime.

  8. the girl on oshare rule pic is adorable ^^ thanks for posting~