My Hollister obsession

Sorry, I haven't been updating lately. There are some big changes in my life and I'm still adjusting to them. Sometimes I feel like I'm jumping from one challenge to the another. Not bad changes though. In fact I'm so much on improving my life... I need to remind myself of this more often.

About the Hollister thing...
I have been a little obsessive over Hollister lately.
It's sort of embarrasing since this brand targets a more younger audience. For example this half naked boy on their bag and all these pretty teenage sales people... I'm so not like them. Well, I'm still liking their shops. Because it's so much better, newer and much more exciting as those normal shops here in Germany. Another reason is, that somehow Hollister reminds me so much of holiday (in 1,5 week I'll be on holiday yaaay). Though their products are pretty overpriced and not in a very good quality (though they have very soft and cute sweaters), I highly suggest you to visit one of their shops if you have the chance.



  1. hallöchen meine liebe >u< ~~~ wurdes gerade von mir getagged ~~
    würde mich freuen wenn du mit machst :D <3

    gaaanz lieben gruß ^3^

  2. wahh the waikiki hawaii print is soo so cute!! reminds me of my home so cute :)!