H&M The New Icons Collection and a new black biker jacket

H&M's The New Icons Collection caught my eye immediately since I love Liu Wen. Honestly... a chinese model for H&M *yay* She's modeling for Esprit atm too.
I love the style for The New Icons Collection.

Copyright by H&M

Especially Liu Wen's outfit. I love everything about it!

Copyright by H&M

So I went to H&M to check these out. I didn't find any of the items beside the bag for ca. 80 €.  But I found a similar biker jacket. I love it and it was quite comfortable. For 40 € I took it with me. I'm not willing to pay much for a jacket when I don't know if I will wear it next year too. So this was a good choice.

Lately I have found my love for smoothies. There are plenty of shops selling these but I find them a bit expensive. For this little cup I paid 3,50 €. It's healthy - yes - but it's really expensive and not really worth the money. So I was thinking to buy a mixer instead and make my own smoothies. I'm sure there are plenty of recipes on the net.


  1. I saw this too! I was super happy when I saw Liu Wen as well. xD she's so gorgeous~

    1. I love her *V* And I love that she is chinese too XD

  2. I love her outfit the most too. The skirt she is wearing is amazing!

  3. I love the outfit of Liu Wen! great blog!

  4. Huiui diese Jacke steht dir total gut ;) Besonders mit den kurzen Haaren sieht das echt cool aus^^

  5. Oh really lovely photographs!



  6. The collection campaign is definitely eye-catching with all those pretty models, but Liu is especially gorgeous here <3 i'd sell a kidney to have the chance to do her makeup for a fashion show *__*
    Also nice find. Biker jackets are a must for this weather ^^

  7. I love smooties too!! but you are right, they are expensive to be bought xD

  8. This is awesome. I'd love to see more Asians in H&M's ads.

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