benefit ULTRA SHINES lip gloss in #who are you wearing?

Happy Friday !

I went a little shopping in Douglas (which is a german drugstore line) and look what I found at 50% discount! Hmm I should get more of these... because this lip gloss is amazing!

benefit's ULTRA SHINES lip gloss in "who are you wearing?" ...a strange name O_O I still didn't get it (some of you understand it maybe?).

The packaging is pretty nice. A bit hypnotising.

You can still get it online at benefit's webstore. The little golden star is super cute <3

The colour is a gorgeous pink with rich sparkles. I always find that the application of lip glosses is much more easy than lipsticks. It's not sticky and the colour shows nicely. It has the same scent as other benefit lip glosses.

Here is a swatch:

I think it's a nice pink lip gloss that can be used at work. Since I got it, I'm using it a lot at work too. It's subtle enough, but still gives my lips colour and a moisturized look.

Even though you want to look serious and competent at work, you still want to be young and fresh right? 

All in all a wonderful lip gloss ^^


  1. aww, i love the packaging it look so cute and lovely ^_~

  2. I love the packaging for Benefit Cosmetics. It's so adorable :). This is a very nice lip gloss color. I prefer subtle lip gloss because I think my lips are already kinda big so anythign extremely glossy is a huge mess for me >.<. Have a great weekend!

    Dawn @ Pursiko.com

  3. I haven't used any Benefit products yet because they're a tad pricey where I am :( 50% is awesome though and this is a really nice colour. I love the packaging too!

  4. Oh the package is really cute sweetie, Benefit is a really cool brand!
    The color looks really nice and cute!
    Pink but soft! This is an lovely lipgloss

  5. Lovely shade! So pretty <3
    I've never tried benefit lip products, but I'll def check them out now ^^