ESCADA cherry in the air (limited edition)

Finally I have some time for blogging since it's a national holiday today. I also have holiday for the next 2 days, so I can relax a bit from work.

A thew days ago my boyfriend got me the Escada Cherry in the air perfume. I love ESCADA perfumes... especially their "Magnetism". For 3 years I was thinking to get it, but I was never really sure (instead I bought easily things that I'm not half interested in... how come?!). 

When the Cherry in the air came out I liked it in a easy way. I wanted it but I didn't want to waste the money too. So I was really happy when my boyfriend got me this. I'm using it every day so far.

The little bottle is absolutely gorgeous! The colour and the shape... just perfect in my eyes.

AND the little cherries on the back of the bottle. OMG! How sweet is that ?!

I think the packaging is very pretty too. Although I don't like the face of the girl. I like the colours and the theme. I also received a big pink ESCADA blanket with my purchase, which is a really nice plus.

For me the scent of "cherry in the air" is so very much irresistable and addictive. I think explaining a scent is a very difficult task. It must suit you in every bit who you are and who you want to be, to let it feel "just perfect for you". I'm very happy to say, that this scent is just perfect for me now.

Top Notes: black cherry, raspberry and mandarin
Heart Notes: gardenia petals, coconut orchid, vanilla and marshmallow
Base Notes: sandalwood, oak and musks


  1. I'm glad you found your own personal scent, I'm still looking for mine though ^^'

    xox - Ina


  2. OHHH i love cherry anything!! they don't usually make cherry perfume will have to check this out i love how escada comes out with these limited edition scents all the time :) love them!!

  3. Also den Trenchcoat kann ich dir nur empfehlen! ;) Ich finde, so ein Teil macht sich einfach immer super im Kleiderschrank und wird mit Sicherheit auch keineswegs langweilig :)
    Danke für all die lieben Komplimente, da werde ich ja ganz rot beim Lesen! :3

    Lieben Gruß


  4. Oh die kleinen Kirschen sind ja wirklich süß. Aber das Gesicht von der Frau sieht ein bisschen beängstigen unheimlich aus ^^' Hoffentlich finde ich dieses Parfum noch irgendwo, ich möchte da auch einmal dran riechen.

  5. this sounds really really nice!