2013 Here we come!

Sooyoona tagged me with the "2013 Here we come !" tag. 

Normally I'm not doing tags, because I'm a lazy bee haha

But this one was quite nice since I could think about resolutions for the new year. I was thinking really hard but some numbers were just too much for me to think of something worthy to write down. I was even getting frustrated over this... until I thought "WTF I will just post the numbers where I can think of something worthwhile". 

12 months diet

I occasionally did a diet for a couple of months/weeks but never make it really. This year I want to be more focused. I want to do more training and care more about calories as well.

7 drawings

When I was young I was always drawing. It was my life. I don't want to lost this hobby. So I want to draw more again this year. I'll post something here too ^^
6 months working hard

I will begin a new job in february and I have to do well. I'm a bit worried since I will meet many new people and learn new things. I'm not sure how I should feel about this since I'm a shy person haha

5 days a week cooking healthy

Being mid-twenty I just care more about health suddenly. It's a change I think that come with age. Also I want Vik (my boyfriend) to eat more healthy too. So I'm determined to do well! 
 4 special gift

Since 2012 wasn't easy I think I couldn't have done well without the help of my family. So I thought when I earn money I want to gift them something special since they had been so patient and helpful to me.

3 weeks holiday

I want to visit Japan/Hawaii/South Korea so much. But I guess that will be in another year. But who knows haha

2 cats

I like cats so much. My very favourite type is the Brittish Shorthair. I feel most connected to these cats. I JUST LOVE THEM ! But it's hard to find a cat that you really feel connected. A cat just for you. You know what I mean?

1 car

Buying our first car. This is something Vik and me really need. Also it will be great to just make weekend trips with the car.


BTW. I received this wonderful card from Mono-chan. Thank you so much. It's beautiful ! 

I'll not tagging anyone since I don't like tags usually. But maybe you are feeling inspired. Then feel free to do this tag too :) 

Count down the number from 13 to 1 and think of something you want to accomplish in 2013!


  1. Oh ist ja toll dass du mitgemacht hast ^_^ Ich drück euch die Daumen dass ihr bald ein Auto bekommt und natürlich auch das mit den Katzen. Ich hätte auch gerne eine British Shorthair gehabt, aber die sind so teuer =,=

  2. Ah btw, ganz vergessen. AneCan ist nicht schlecht. Nicht ganz so übertrieben wie zB Popteen und ViVi aber doch eher etwas für Frauen ab 30. CanCam ist dafür wirklich sehr toll.

  3. fand ich interessant zu lesen :D
    finds auch gut zu lesen dass viele als jahresvorsatz haben sich gesünder zu ernähren und damit auch wieder ein bisschen in form zu kommen^^ ist bei mir auch so! xD

  4. Nice tag :) good luck with your new job! ^^

  5. Aww British Shorthairs are adorable! They look so saucy :) I can't believe in 1 month we will be half way through 2013....!