WELEDAs White Birch Body Oil/Birch Cellulite Oil

With advanced age I care more about anti-aging.

I saw good reviews about WELEDAs White Birch Body Oil/Birch Cellulite Oil.

Since WELEDA is widely awailable in Germany I got one.

I wasn't interested in WELEDA because I think the packagings are not that cute. LOL

It is actually good.

I bought a body massaging tool from The Body Shop that day.

To massage the oil in. It's nice. But it looks a bit perverted. LOL

I found a good "How to Use" sheet on the japanese WELEDA site.

I think the pictures are better than just explanations.

You should use it 2 times a day and for 4 weeks straight to see results.

But I'm lazy so I just use it when I'm in the mood.

It is still good because my skin gets smooth and it smells nice.

I think it is good to use such products.

I want to try more WELEDA products in the future.


  1. OHHH thanks for this review.. i live in germany now.. so i'm totally going to look for this as i'm obsessed with trying out anti-aging products right now hehe :p

  2. I'm not that familiar with the brand but it looks pretty nice ^_~

  3. nice review! I see a lot of weleda here in Germany, but never interested on the products before! I might take more look later ^^