Palty in Sakura Creamy Review

It's been a while since my last post. I hope you all are doing well so far ^^ Since I dyed my hair a while ago I want to share my thoughts with you on this Palty hair dye in Sakura Creamy.

I tried Palty hair dyes two times before this one, so I can say I have some experience with this brand.

First off... the lovely packaging. People who read my previous posts know I love good packagings! I think they delight your eyes instantly *-*

Usually I use two bottle for my hair which goes down to my chest. My experience has told me: better you have some dye left than you hadn't enough to cover all of your hair.

This is how the packaging show you the colour your hair (maybe) turns out haha. 

Inside this box there is of course the hair dye in the usual bottle you get from nearly every brand. Beside this (sorry I didn't make it to take a pic from the bottle and the application on it... but I don't have any use for the application anyway) there are the instruction, the treatment and a pair of gloves.

I recommend to use some tools like clips for separating your hair.

But first most of you guys know, that the colour nearly never turns out like on the packaging! If you have some experience with this already you can calculate the risk haha.

But honestly you can't do anything wrong with this dye.
The Sakura Creamy from Palty has an pink undertone which garanties you that your hair won't tun too much yellowish. I really like a good brown that tends to pink. That's not the same like red!

It is really hard to take good pictures of ones hair if you don't have any good lighting tools. So my shot turns out really bad. But I can desribe the colour a bit with this picture.

So lightest parts are the real hair colour in sunlight. It turns out normal brown with normal daylight.
One thing good to mention is, that this dye really lightens your hair. I can see my roots growing out very visibly! I didn't had this experience with the other hair dyes, which is crazy because the other dyes from Palty I tried seems all more lighter than this shade.

In all this is the first diy hair dye I'm really satisfied with.
And the first one I will rebuy too. I just wish it would give the hair more "shine". That would be the only downside of this. Oh, and

I will do some FOTD soon, so you can see how the colour is with whole face too^^

Hope you liked this review! If you have any questions or just want to have a talk you can always leave me a comment or even better contact me on twitter: bloom157


  1. Oh die Packung ist echt der Hammer *.*''. Findest du es gibt einen Unterschied zwischen diesem Produkt und einem aus Europa?
    Meine Schwester meinte dass die evt. anders zusammen gesetzt sind, speziell für asiatisches Haar halt. *lol* ich hoffe du verstehst was ich damit meine ;)


    1. Auf jeden Fall! Zumindest die Drogerieprodukte in De färben meine haare fast überhaupt nicht oder es kommt ein roter Unterton dabei raus :-( Bei Palty wird ganz gut gegen diesen Rotstich gearbeitet, was ich ja auch möchte XD Deine Schwester hat ja eine interessante Meinung lol

  2. that's a pretty subtle colour! Japanese dyes are so potent, even just DIY ones. I tried a black one but it faded quickly haha.

    1. I think black dyes are even more complicated to get them to stay even you won't think it's true at first

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  4. ooh your hair colour does look pretty in that picture! Haha I've always heard good things about Palty from everyone who's tried it. It's wonderful that the colours turn out quite well on Asian hair! :D


    1. I'm so glad there are dyi dyes that works for asian hair^^!!

  5. Great blog. I really like it. Cute stuff.


  6. Ooo this is such a pretty color! It looks really nice on you and the results came out great. I'd like to try the Palty dyes but I wish they came with more dye in them because I don't want to have to purchase 2 boxes.

  7. Thanks so much for following my blog! I hope you will visit again soon :)