A change for my blog...

I've wanted to change my blog for a long time. But never had the patience to do it. Until now.
I want this place to be more like myself. More personal.
I hope you like the change too :-) 

Picked up the Origins Clear Improvement mask and Super Spot Remover at sale. They are working great until now. Especially the Active charcoal mask to clear pores. Very easy to use

Do you know Origins is a brand from Estée Lauder? Such as brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique and La mer. Guess that's my fav brand^^

I'm a bit interested in german drugstore products lately. It's easy to get them.
Especially Catrice is quite good. I got the eyeshadow palette in Explosive Combination and the blush in Colour Bomb from the Revoltaire LE.

And hooraaay my local drugstore is selling NYX products now! I wanted to try this Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese for a very long time. I broke the lid right at the beginning haha...


  1. Nice haul Xin! Can't wait to see more posts about you!

  2. I did know yes! XD It's funny right? I hear that the EL night whatever it is rejuvenating serum has very similar effects to creme de la mer because they are from the same company... I don't know. Just something I heard (and probably not relevant to us right now, we don't need that super anti ageing stuff yet I reckon!)

    Ooooo very pretty packaging for the German brand..(on the left) i never heard of it before! :)

    I have heard lots of great things about the NYX jumbo eye pencils, particularly from youtubers! It's wonderful you can try them easily now.

    Also looking foward to a more personal feel!! :D YayyY~

    1. economy issues are sometimes amazing! hahaaa
      Thank you Jian!! You r always so kind <3

  3. I always wanted to try that mask from Origins. I'm also a big fan of their brand. I'm currently using their Brighter by Nature SPF25 PA+++ lotion for summer. Give if a try ^_^, Lovely blog by the way!


  4. I tagged you on the kawaii blog award tag! more info at baniraguro.blogspot.com or http://hownowmoocow.blogspot.com/

  5. I've heard great reviews about origins, I still want to use up my skincare products before trying out this line though!

    Would you like to follow each other? :)


  6. i hope i can try an origins product soon, please do a review on this mask!! thanks!

    1. I'll try but u know I'm terrible in finishing posts ^v^"

  7. Nice blog! I think i will be a reader from now on!
    Also loving the new Catrice products must go shopping!