Origins "Ginger Souffle Whipped body cream"

I love to use body creams instead of perfume.

My favourite one is the "Ginger Souffle Whipped body cream" by Origins.  
It's not only a cream it's pure joy haha!

Since I think the official website descriptes my thoughts on this cream very well I'll post it here:

When wageing battle with the elements, whether they're cold and dry or hot and humid, you can always seek shelter in this creamy cocoon. A relaxing sensation spreads all over you as tangy Ginger embraces your body while skin-nourishing Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil invisibly surround weary, dreary skin in softness. All the while, the citrusy-crisp scent of lush, lighthearted Lemon, Lime and Bergamot helf lift listless spirits.
There's no more savoury way to shoo your malaise.

Ginger has amazing healing skills but its scent is quite special and not the usual floral, fruity or vanilla scent you would use as a body cream. Instead it's a scent that I didn't notice elsewhere. It's an amazing comfortable scent that last for hours

You will be surprised!

The cream is lightweight and suited for all skin types. It works great after bath or shower on clean and damp skin.

From Origins:
It belongs to the Ginger Collection. The benefits of Ginger have been documented as far back a 2,000 BC. Its pungent warmth is believed to awaken vitality and ignite the body's fire. Maybe that explains why it's also been revered as a powerful aphrodisiac. It seems everyone who catches a whiff of Ginfer is instantly enticed by its arousing aroma.

Origins products are formulated with natural and certified organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils. And formulated without parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, paraffin, DEA, and animal ingredients. We manufacture using a combination of renewable resources, wind energy and earth-friendly practices.

Did you know?
The benefits of Ginger have been documented in Chinese literature dating as far back as 2,000 BC. Its pungent warmth was believed to awaken vitality and ignite the body's fire. It was revered as "universal medicine" - prized as highly as gold and jewels.


  1. mmm... sounds like a good product.

    I love creams that smell good. ^^

    Good review. :))

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  3. Sounds great.. Love to try it myself too. Thanks for sharing! xo akiko
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  4. i love texture of this cream. i've only tried a sample size of this but i remember i enjoyed it a lot although ginger is not my favorite scent. they do it quite well, though! :)

  5. ginger souffle, the name sounds good :p


  6. mmhh (´ ▽`) kanns jetzt schon riechen XD

  7. allein der name vom produkt klingt schon toll! ich liebe lotions aus solchen tiegeln^^

    1. Ich glaube ich hab's auch gekauft wegen den Namen haha ^v^

  8. I would love to try this! I hate perfume and I use body creams for years now instead of perfume. I love the slight scent it gives <3

    1. I'm the same ! So nice to hear from you !

  9. Umm that Ginger Souffle looks rally interesting maybe i try with that~~

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  10. amazing!! I want try it as well!! :D

  11. this looks pretty interesting! honestly, I haven't tried any skincare products that has ginger but I've always love Origins product. Thanks for sharing =)

  12. I use this as well and I love it!!!!! I adore the scent and it makes my skin so nice and soft.


    1. Ah how nice that you use it as well ! *v*

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