ettusais BB mineral white

Recent favourite BB cream: ettusais BB mineral white. It's quite new... from their autum/winter collection.

I chose the colour in 10 Bright. I used the Missha BB cream, Skin79 hot pink BB cream and Missha Watery BB Cream prior.

Now this is my first japanese BB cream.

The ettusais mineral white comes with 8 skin protection properties

brightening effect
uv protection
beauty essence
make up base
hides visible pores

Older version is called ettusais BB mineral. New version focus on whitening effects. That's why I mainly chose this BB cream because of its brightening effect.

It's only 40g. But I enjoy the cute and clean packaging. 

Here is a swatch of the ettusais BB mineral white in #10 Bright. It's lightweight, medium to light coverage and SPF 45 PA++ ! Also the whitening benefits are a big plus. 

It covers pores and blemishes quite good. I love that it feels so naturally ! My skin is more bright and smooth looking. Exactly what I wanted ! It does not let me breaking out. I have a very oily T-Zone. After a few hours I have to use a blotting paper or powder. But the result is still good. It's so different from the Missha BB cream. The Missha BB cream felt heavy, oily and unnatural on my skin in comparison. As if I had a mask. But the ettusais BB mineral white blends so easily and let my skin glow.

I'm so happy with this BB cream


  1. Antworten
    1. I get oily very easily. But although this BB cream has only a medium coverage the result is still good after a few hours. Then I have to blot or put some powder.

      I think it's important to know what you expect from a bb cream. I prefer the natural and lightweight feeling over something too covering. So far I'm happy with it!

  2. This sounds like a great product for a natural, your-skin-but-better look. The packaging looks really cute too! I love the pink and white colour and the lace details. I have only tried one Japanese bb cream but I am definitely interested in this one.


    1. I love the your-skin-but-better thing :)

  3. this sounds like an amazing BB Cream! I love BB Cream so much and always want to try new BB Creams. lol
    Which Missha bb cream do u use? I use Missha perfect cover and I looooove it so much ( I have oily skin, btw )..
    Have you tried Tony Moly pure cotton BB Cream? It's my current fave now! :-D

    1. I never tried Tony Moly, but I think I will try in the future, when I finished my curent bb cream.

      I used the missha perfect cover too. But in comparison the ettusais one is just really different. Missha does more cover and the ettusais one does more feeling naturally. I just prefer the ettusais one over missha :)

  4. i normally prefer foundation over bb cream but this got me interested!
    i may have missed it but where did you get yours? ;)

    1. I got mine from ichibankao.com. I love their fast shipping but their prices are sometimes rather high compared to other stores ^^

  5. same with Lena! I prefer foundation over bb. But this seems pretty nice! We don't have ettusais here, but I hope I could get this somewhere else! great review! thanks so much for sharing ^_~

    1. You are welcome :) This BB cream is just something you can put on your face when you want to look really natural (but still better haha)

  6. Schön!
    Ich bin leider noch auf der suche nach irgendeinem guten Produkt ^^''


    1. Was suchst du denn genau? BB? Foundation?

  7. Glad this BB cream works
    well on you c: I wonder
    what the price is really.


    1. You can check the price at ichibankao.com

  8. I have seen this BB cream about.. was curious! Thanks for the review!!