Dalian, my hometown

This will be quite a pic heavy post! So you may need some time to scroll down (´-`)"
But I had to show you my hometown (^_^)

This summer my bf and me were visiting my grandparents in China. Dalian ist a harbour city located in the north east side of China (near Korea and Japan too!).

We had to change our flight in Beijing, so we had the chance to glance at the new airport.

It was quite big of course (^-^)

Inside were a lot of shopping opportunities and and a traditional garden too. Since Dalian is sort of a "new" city (founded only 100 years ago...) we had no chance to take "traditional" pics besides here.

I love this kind of seperation of rooms XD!

One of the airport stuff tried to explain lovey how to use a traditional chinese brush (´-´)"

When we arrvied at my grandparents... you know what we have to do in China? Take a good homemade meal of course! lol

We visided my other grandparents too... and we had to eat a lot more (^-^)

During our visit we had to see the seaworld in Dalian. It was quite pricey, because they have designed it for tourist from all over china and overseas too. Here are some pics taken in the seaworld.

Yea... I love jellyfish... and I don't know why (>_<)"

Bf was really interested in the big sharps. There were so many, but as it was very dark, we weren't able to take a lot of pfotos.

The best thing was the undersea tunnel of course. There were a lot of strange fishys following the sharp (x_x)"

And we loved these turtles! You can even grab one XD A lot of people were taking pictures when they grab one... I think in Germany this wouldn't be possible because animal rights activists will go crazy...
We visited the polarworld too... as we bought combine tickets.There were strange decorations too lol. But they were nice nonetheless XD

There was a show in the polarworld. Btw. ee forgot to take photos of the seaworld show. But it was really nice. They played the little mermaid with delfines and so XD
So in the polarworld show there was a big stage setting. Although I must admit that the sharp in the middle is scary/cruel...

The best part of the show was this walrus. The story was about that this walrus trained so much his body with situps just to get a girlfriend. He tried really hard so you will be very happy in the end, when he finally kissed one of the female tourist lol.

We ate a lot during our visit. Most time when we ate outside I didn't had the chance to take pictures. The weather was just too hot and there were too many people too. Dalian has changed so much during industrialization! If you take the bus you need more than 1 hour to the shopping center (omgsh lol) Although there are plenty of taxis, it's just by lucky chance to get one...

My mother bought a cake for my grandparents too, because they had never a cake before and won't eat probably again. That's because my grandma just didn't like it very much... lol (but we others enjoyed it "for her")

Here are some pics randomly taken by me :3

One of my favorite pics... a fish statue beside the japanese shopping mal MYKAL. I missed taking fotos of these huge shopping malls! But there were sooo much japanese sweets and snacks... I'm pretty sad that I missed taking fotos most time (;^;)

So inside another shopping center...

They had even an indoor swimming pool :3

There was a huge and very long tower building too... can you imagine to live in such a building? Probably not, if you are from Europe (I guess).

The other day we visited the natural history museum where my oncle was working. The building was huge!

And it was at the sea too. I so love the sea (^-^)! It makes me feel free but melancholic at the same time... and you can breath so much better by the sea :3

We had some souveniers there too... eh... enjoy? Let's say lovey was so happy about it lol It's not real of course...

I didn't get so much stuff, but spend a lot of money nonetheless. In Dalian you can't really shop cheap or so... The price is sometimes like in Germany. I got this Swarovski crystal... but it's just overpriced :<

We visited the Xinghai Square too. It's really big. It was a long long walk... lol But the view was beautiful! Btw. Xinghai means the Sea of Stars (^-^)

In the center of this square is this marble pillar. It shows a dragon climbing to the cloud.

The square ends by the sea of course. A lot of other tourists were there too.

So there was a little shop selling snacks and souvenirs. But also selling dove feed... because of the high number of doves there! One of them sat on the shoulder of the bf and just won't fly away anymore lol So he carried him a long way...

Yea they were crazy and attacked me because of the feed (>-<)" But my love for animals won't stop ever lol

I will miss Sushi :< They were much cheaper there of course... but we eat too much homemade meals by grandparents... so we weren't hungry enough for most other things (;^;)" Loved these snacks...

And loved this Matcha Latte drink! It taste so good... wish I could buy them here too.

So this was a long post right? Thank you so much for reading it :3

Next post will be definitely about beauty/make up/kawaii things again XD

Have a nice week (^-^),


  1. Your photos are really nice and so clear, nice shots!your hometown is a lovely place to visit:-)

  2. The food looks amazing!! I want to go back to asia too, lol.

  3. hi!!!
    Omg ! I am also from dalian but I grew up in the US. I live right at xin hai square! its so nice to see someone from dalian!