Majolica Majorca Fall in "Girl" Collection's MajoRomantica Perfume

Yay, I got my MajoRomantica finally! I was really curious about this product, because I LOVE the advertisement lol and I saw good reviews too. Also I'm always searching for the perfect perfume... so I just have to try it!

The Fall in "Girl" is Majomajos latest Holiday 2010 Colletion and if you want to know more about it... HERE is the official site, where you can also get some of these wonderfull wallpapers too.

So... this is my little bottle and if I'm speaking of little...it is really little XD I was quite shocked about the size lol (stupid me... I should have seen that on other blogs u_u°)

You can compare the size of the bottle with the size of my hand... and it looks even bigger on this photo as in reality XD But is the packaging not gorgeous? It is like a small bottle of delicious blood determined that you can wear it every day with you XD I'm not really much into vampire things... though I liked to read Twilight!

Application is very easy. You have just to tab some with this "wand" wherever you want. No spray... so you can define precisely the dosage.


This is what I've googled about the scent destricption of this perfume:

Top Notes: Fruity (Juneberry, strawberry, raspberry, pomegranate, apple, fig, mangosteen, bergamot, lemon, mandarin) 
Middle notes: Floral Sweet (Rose, sweet pea, jasmine, muguet, gardenia)
Base notes: Sweet and Mysterious (Vanilla, maple, brown sugar, sandal wood, amber, musk)

In my opinion the description shows you exactly what you can experience with the actual perfume. I love the top and middle notes... but the base is okay too. After 2 hours or so you have to apply again if you want to maintain the scent. I don't have a lot of perfumes because I have a really sensitive nose. Most perfumes are too harsh for me. So the biggest plus for MajoRomantica is that I really like it and it's not too intense for my nose!

In other things... I got finally a phone case for my Samsung Galaxy S, which I got a few months ago when it releases in Germany. The only sad point about this phone is that it looks like the iphone... I wish they have make it like the new Galaxy Tab (we got that too lol like we are samsung freaks >.<).

So the reason I'm posting it here is because I want to make some dekoden XD I didn't want to ruin the original case so that's why I bought this. It would be better in a pink tone though... but you can't get such "pink" stuff in Germany easily *sigh*

When I was in China I got some stickers. But it's not enough for dekoden... so I'm awaiting patiently what I got from Etsy lately. I will post my try later... I hope it will not look too stupid lol  

I want to thanks here my new followers. I'm so happy about the comments too!


  1. thank you for your comment :) glad to read you like them^^

  2. ad for this perfumes is just beautiful. I love it :) I was just wondering if i should buy them :) I'm tempted even more now.

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